6 Inspiring Hairstyles On Wet Hair



6 Inspiring Hairstyles On Wet Hair

Someday we just neither have the time to do a wash and blow, nor can we go out without actually washing our hair. I have really dry, hay-like hair and blow drying makes them even frizzier.

So here are some go to styles on wet hair that are easy, fun and can be styled in a hurry.

The simple bun


bun style wet hair


Start by towel drying your hair. Make sure apply a good detangling spray or serum. Take a wide comb and brush your hair slowly starting from tips to the roots. Now pull back your hair in a pony tail and brush back to remove any bumps. Take a band and twist and tie your hair in a ponytail. Brush through the ponytail to make sure there are no tangles. Now twist the ponytail. Turn into a bun and secure the bun to the base with pins. Finish off with a hair spray.

Slicked side swept- low bun


wet hair style ideas


Comb your hair back into a low ponytail at the side of your neck. Start twisting and then wrap it around a low bun. You can also go for messy buns. Cute, simple and chic.

Side fish tail braid


hairstyle ideas for wet hair


Brush and comb your hair out, detangle. Put your hair in a deep side part. I prefer doing the side parting using my fingers instead of combs and brushes, it gives me a messy, sassy look. Start doing French braids all the way down starting from the parting line. Secure it with a braid. Now take the braid to the other side and wrap it around the other portion of the hair that was left opened, so that the braid acts and looks like a hair tie. Secure with pins. Start fish tail braiding with the rest of your hair. Secure it with a tie. Fan out the braid by pressing it with fingers. And viola..!! You are done.

Loop fun


loop hair style for wet hair


Create a half pony tail taking the portion of your hair from the top of your ear and creating a ponytail at the top of your head. Now create a small hole at the top of your head just in front of the ponytail and loop that ponytail through that hole. Tighten up. Create another section at the back and make another ponytail just below the previous one. Again make a hole in front of it, and loop your second ponytail through. In this step, loop the previous ponytail as well with the new one. Take the rest of your hair and tie in into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Again make a hole in front of it and loop in the third ponytail along with the first and second. Tighten up. Take a small section from the back of your hair and wrap it over the band and finally secure the ends with a pin. Sleek and elegant.

The braided messy bun/Crown braided messy bun


wet hairstyle ideas


Part your hair into two sections. Start braiding the section of your hair above the ears and do it on both the sides. Braid all the way down. Now pin the braids to the opposite sides of your head. Like the left one, take it over your head and pin it on the right and the right one pin it on the left. Now take the rest of your hair and tie it into a ponytail. But as hair is wet, I always prefer messy buns. So I twist my ponytail further and make a messy bun.

Rose bun


hairstyle for wet hair


One of my most favorites. Just take the portion of your hair from the top of your ears and secure them with pins on the back of your head. Don’t tie it into a ponytail, just secure with pins. Now take small sections starting from behind your ears and start twisting it very tightly. Keep twisting until you see your hair folding into itself. Pin the twisted and folded portion behind the back of your head. Do this with the rest of your hair. The end is a classic, retro look. And I named it rose bun, because it actually looked like a bunch of roses. 😛

Do you have more ideas of hairstyles to share ?

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