6 Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner Swatches


Post has been lying in my draft so thought of showing you the swatches of  Lakme Nine to five forever silk eyeliner today.These are metallic eyeliners and for a change they are  twist up eyeliners which  has to be carefully used  because once they are out they can’t go back in .Just like toothpaste :D:D Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner Photos & Swatches

Lakme Forever Silk Eye liner

  • Soft creamy texture
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Ensures 8  hours of great looking eyes
  • Rich in Vitamin E
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Available in 7 shades
  • Priced at Rs.395/-
  • Available at all leading lifestyle stores

Lakme 9to5 eyeliner , blue cosmos, electric violet swatches

  • Blue Cosmos – It’s a dodger blue shade with metallic sheen .
  • Grey Matter -  Darkish grey with hint of blue in it
  • Electric Violet – It’s a dark royal blue shade
  • Earth Line -Chocolatey brown shade
  • Jaded Mint– Jaded Mint is more of a Persian green with metallic finish.
  • Gypsy green – Its a khaki shade.I really like this shade and have this in jade eyeshadow form Deborrah.



Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner Photos, Swatches

Blue cosmos, Gray matter, Earth line, Jaded mint, Electric violet, Gypsy green,(LtoR)


Lakme Nine To Five Forever Silk Eyeliner GYPSY GREEN,



Lakme 9to5 eyeliner jaded mint, blue cosmos, electric violet swatches

These eyeliners are really pigmented with all of them having metallic finish.

Which 9to5 eyeliner did you like?


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  1. grey matter and jaded mint r my favs no doubt…but y r these tractable ones ya..makes no sense…clumsy ppl like me will hav a really hard time…

        • Awww… Zara.. we IT chics stick together 🙂 I loved the Grey matter and Jaded mint too 😀
          But girls is there a cheaper alternative…. most of these colored pencils seem to be above 400 right?!?! ?:-) 😕

          • not all..brands like Bourjois have cheaper liners…so do Faces and colorbar which i think r pretty much at par with Lakme quality wise..maybe even better in fact..i just dont quite find it very worth it…in 400 bucks the least they cud do i make the liner retractable na! hehe…

            ur a developer Mals?

            • Oh aisa kya… lemme check out your (!!) sites and will order my first diff color eyeliner 🙂 :clap:
              No Zara.. I am a Business Analyst (or a consultant as per certain co.s)!

              • yey!! if u luv liners and wana try out somethin beautiful na..check out Colorbar liner in Flirty Turq..Its such a gorgeous blue shade..reminds me of crystal clear ocean at night! 😉 its available on urbantouch.com…check check..

                Ooohh! BA! which means Mals is a hi-fi Kudi!

  2. :heart: jaded mint and gypsy green :heart: …you might have been in my stash right now if it wasn’t for the 2X395 😯 bucks it will cost me!


        • i dunno if its over ambitiousness..i think they r trying to take their products to a higher leve and wana try t price it in the niche category….but wot they dont get is that for all of us Lakme is the affordable to all sorta brand which we rely on to provide quality for a decent price…this sort of pricing makes no sense..

  3. Grey Matter, Earth Line, Gypsy Green and Jaded Mint are my picks…and i like when eye pencils are retractable, no sharpening needed, and no wastage of product..me mahaa kanjoos :flush:

  4. i am now very liking green liners….. i have bought tips and toes eye light ( emerald glow), lakme 9 to 5 olive……. green suits very much on my eyes, but blue does not


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