6 Lush Face Mask Are Here!


This week we told you people about the Lush  exclusive offer running on their site on our weekly sale alert.I couldn’t resist myself and bought them although this has become usual scenario.When I draft the deals half of the time I end up buying them.

Offer is exclusive  for the Lush India online customers and is not available in the store and by the way its not available now.Seems like what we put in sale alert gets wiped off with in hours 🙂

Price – INR 800.(Each pot contains 20gm of the product)

Delivery – Product  was delivered with in a day to my place.How cool is that 🙂

and here are my cup cakes..Aren’t these just too cute?? ..I am wondering what will I do of them when get finished? Any suggestions?


Brazened honey mask lush cosmetic warrior+lushindia websites+Lush honey mask reviews+Lush cosmetic warrior mask review


Don’t you feel like eating them ?

Below we have Lush Brazened honey, Lush cup cake and Lush crash course mask.


Lush Ayesha Mask Review+Lush Crash course mask reviews


and rest three are Lush cosmetic warriror, Lush Sacred truth and Lush Ayesha Mask


If you are new to Lush then you are going to enjoy these mask like  anything.Few might get dissapointed by the quantity but I am enjoying my daily dose of freshness.One can have maximum of 3-4 usage from these packs.



Lush sacred truth mask reviews+Lush cup cake mask reviews face pack


For those who were lucky enough to order them.Happy Lush week  :dance-left-right:


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    • totally…its better than buying full sizes only to find out we dont like it after a single use 🙂 this way we know xactly wot suits us so we cn buy that only 🙂

  1. for a change i too got my parcel within a day…yey! i luv these soooo much!!! and the dibbes r chooo chweet! i wish the lush gius wud take these back in return for another mask 😉

  2. “scared” truth??? crash “corse”??? Looks like Lush was in a super hurry to send their stock that they forgot to spellcheck :rotfl:

  3. mereko bhi mila…..yipeeeeeeeeeeee..me too luving dese.aur aaram se 3-4 application ho jayege :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  4. OMG! It reached you so quickly, and the deal is over too!!! :-((

    I was hoping to first catch a glimpse before ordering 😕 but it seems now I’ll have wait for the next offer :teeth:

  5. I too wanted them, but skipped need to finish up the current stock 🙁
    things are just piling up..:(

    Happy Ugadi guys…. I have a long weekend yaaaay !!!!

  6. :chic: :cyclops: :alien: :alien: :watermelon:

    My favopurite among these is the cup cake mask and the cosmetic warrior…woks well on acne..

  7. I got to know about the offer from this website… Thank you for that! 🙂
    Just wanted to let everyone know that the offer is back. HURRY! Don’t miss it again. 😛
    I just ordered mine. :rock-n-roll: 😀

  8. a little too late in responding but this is absolutely fantastic..me looooooooooooobe brazened honey and crashcourse..man why the heck didnt i see it before!!!!!!!

  9. Hello Ana…my name is Bathul. I’m new to wiseshe. You girls are all wonderful. Thank u so much for posting this info abt lush. I felt bad when i couldn’t get the face packs last week..But now, they are back in STOCK!! And i have ordered them. Thanks! 🙂


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