6 Makeup Tips For Ebony Beauties


6 Makeup Tips For Ebony Beauties

Hello lovely ladies!

How are all of you doing! If you might have noticed, unlike other places, we at Wise She have always been fair enough to all kinds of skin tones and types. No, we do not abide by the typical Indian norm of a girl being slim and fair to be beautiful. I, for one, am neither thin nor fair and I am proud of who I am judge as much as you want.

We have been very prominently accepting and endorsing all hues of skins white, pale, medium, wheatish, dusky to dark and even black. Yes, we know how gorgeous you ebony girls out there look with your finely chiselled faces and skin to die for!

If you think calling a black skinned beauty black is being racist think again. Racism is when we seclude the blacks and the ebony skins from the very spectrum of beauty and makeup. But this is not what we do. We love each and every one of you and keeping in mind our unbiased love, here we are with some of the most spectacular beauty tips for black women out there!

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1. Do not opt for lighter shades of foundations!

I know how the makeup norms of the society can lure you into the very idea of fair being beautiful but refrain from buying base makeup shades which do not match your skin tones perfectly. I agree, there was a time when the makeup market was fair-white-skin centric, but not now! Today we have oodles of colored options and it is always wise to test your base makeup; especially foundations and concealers. Opt for the shade which matches the skin on your neck closely, and refrain from buying lighters colors!

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation SPF15

2. Do a patch test for your base makeup!

One very peculiar Black-woman-problem is that their base makeup tends to oxidize quite a lot of times! So what basically happens is you buy shade which matches your skin perfectly, but it oxidizes in the sun and shows up ashy on you, making the skin look muddy! The best way to escape this problem is do a patch test for your base makeup, roam in the sunlight for about 20 minutes and then see the final shade in natural daylight. Choose wisely!

3. Say no to frost finish lipsticks.

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There are so many lipstick finishes out there to try and devour but not frosty finish lipsticks! And no, this is not merely my personal view! Frosty lipsticks can do no good to your otherwise beautiful skin, apart from making your full lips stand out that too in a negative aspect! What you should be opting for is rich, deep and more pigmented colours of lipsticks which complement your rich ebony skin tones almost perfectly!

4. Oranges and deep pinks are your best friends!

Chambor Orange Falmbe Powder Matte lipswatch

Whoever said that lighter, brighter shades were not meant to be adorned on succulent ebony skins never got the chance to get acquainted with his/her favourite orange and pink makeup products. Not only these colours are universally flattering on all skin colours, they make your features stand out in a way none else can! Opt for bright fuchsia pinks, brick-oranges and rusts, or even bright neon oranges if you think you can rock them! There is no stopping you woman!

5. Invest in rich, deep blushes.

One thing which brightens up the face of almost any skin tone, if you ask me, is a perfectly swayed swipe of blush. And if you know how to chose the right blush for your skin type, more power to you girl. Ebony skinned beauties can flatter all those dreadfully dark and richly pigmented blushes with so much ease that it makes me envious. All those rich reds, burgundies, browns and deep apricot orange blushes which I can only dream of wearing, were crafted to suit all your blushing needs!

6. Embrace the Strong Brow trend!

sleek light brown brow perfector usage

You women are seen as an emblem of strength. So, what better way to emphasis your strenuous hard-earned strength than to wear a brow which brings all others to shame. The best part about your skin is that it oozes confidence. And confident women are the best candidates when it comes to adorning a thought-provoking strong brow. Be it using a soft gel, brow powder or just an arched brow your strength lies in these tiny hair which shape your facial features!

So Which Of these Makeup Tips Did You Like The Most?

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