6 Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipsticks Swatches


6 Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipsticks

One little, two little, three little indians….SORRY, SORRY!  One little, two little, three little jewels, four little five little six little jewels…lol.  Did you just remember your nursery rhymes?  Well, forget about the little Indians I am talking about Maybelline Jewels.  This collection from Maybelline are jewel-inspired lipsticks.  Wear your jewels on your lips as well as your body!  Winter and the festive season are approaching and you will need these jewels to heat things up!

6 Maybelline colorsensational jewel lipticks reviews

These babies come in a cute girly pink cap packaging which have the shade number and name written at the bottom.  You can identify the shades easily if you store them on their heads!  I am the proud owner of 6 of them.  350 rupees a piece is a bargain when you consider the brand and quality of  these lipsticks. 

My collection of Jewels includes:

  • Refined Wine

  • Pink Tourmaline

  • Fuchsia Crystal

  • Berry Brilliant

  • Rubylicious

  • Red Garnet

6 Mayblline Jewel Colorsensational lipsticks photos+rubylicious lipsticks maybelline

  • Pigmentation – These are highly pigmented and one swipe covers your lips totally
  • Texture – They go on smooooooooooooth as butter and doesn’t settle into fine lines.  If you have dry lips then these are for you because of the light creamy glossy finish.
  • Staying power – Stays on the lips for about 3 to 4 hours after which it leaves a nice coloured stain behind.

Maybelline Jewel Colorsensational Lipstick swatches+refined wine +red garner+

  • Refined Wine – This shade is a deep winey berry.  It’s a warm wintery shade that will look nice on dusky tones.
  • Pink Tourmaline – This light pink shade with purple gold shimmer will suit light skin tones beautifully.
  • Fuchsia Crystal – This baby is a blue based deep fuchsia pink.

Maybelline Jewel Refines wine Pink Tourmaline Fuchsia crystal swatches

  • Berry Brilliant – This is a fuschia plummy berry shade
  • Rubylicious – Gorgeous pink based red
  • Red Garnet – Red Garnet is a dramatic dark plum shade that is really bold and intense.  The texture is more on the matte side.

Maybelline Jewel Lipstick Berry Brilliant Rubylicious Red Garnet Swatches

What I like about Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipsticks:

  • Good quality product from a reputed brand.
  • Classy packaging
  • Pigmented lipstick
  • Coverage with a single swipe
  • Moisturizing with a glossy finish
  • Affordable
  • Lasts for a good amount of time
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Color doesn’t settle into fine lines
  • Creamy texture
  • Will suit many skin tones

What I don’t like about Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipstick:

  • May smudge or bleed if you have a sloppy meal.

 Wise She Rating – 4.5/5

  • Pigmentation – 5/5
  • Texture – 4.5/5
  • Shade – 4.5/5
  • Staying Power – 4/5
  • Availability – 5/5

Have you tried Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipsticks?

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  1. I still think berry brilliant is the best of the lot! 🙂 What a collection ana! :yes: N the intro bout the little indians is cute :cute:

  2. Got back home this morning Ana. I’ve had the most hectic week! In fact…the past two months have been awfully hectic :sweat: My granny has come down from chennai to see me n we had a gr8 time 2gether. Now I have soo much work pending (u know what 😉 ) n am trying to catch up. Howz u n anvi doin dear?

      • Ana: Money goes into tax savings plan, food and makeup 😀 Show us all whats in the sale and then I’ll decide my Makeup Ban 😀
        Janani: Shopping ban sounds like fun 😛 I wouldn’t mind trying it.. 😀 When do we get started?

        • I am starting it from next week, 10th onwards.. till Nov 10th is my plan. I want to see if my purse is burnt only due to make-up or is it burnt anywys !!!
          wat say sandy ?? wanna join ?? Its a tough journey .. u can devour all products with ur eyes, u just cannt buy it !!! sounds challenging to me ..

            • Cool idea Janani 😀 Sep 10th to Nov 10th eh? Sounds like fun 😀 Looking at every single line of product in your line of sight and refusing to give into tempatation? Fair enough 🙂 Lets start from 11th 😛 10th is the wiseshe sale 😛

              • Adi paavi .. anamika aapu vaichitaaya .. ok from sept 11th (porandanal resolution !! Cool !! 8-)) to Nov 11th.

                Hey sandy can you tell me where i might get some nice tamil classics .. books i mean .. like sivagamiyin sabadam, ponniyan selvan, arthamulla hindu matham .. I want them ..

                  • sivagamiyin sabadam, ponniyan selvan – these 2 books are a litttle on the darker shades of human psyche .. I wont tell you these stories (ur new mommie and all ) ..sowwie !!

                    arthamulla hindu matham – my dad told me abt this book, i dont know the context, but if its good i’ll tell you ..

                    BTW .. i am going for Raaz 3 tom .. bips and black magic .. in 3D !! :yippee:

  3. Hey i know in completely off topic but im soo excited i cudnt wait .. I found a dupe… Mac pearlglide designer purple and colorbar amethyst spark iglide are the same!!! No diff in colour i have both n realised last eve when i was getting dressed for a meetinf


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