6 Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches & FOTD


Hello girls!

It’s been a while I have written anything for WiseShe! So when Ana wanted me to do a guest post for it, I was elated!  🙂 I have been travelling a lot since last few months and as soon as I got some time ( before taking off for another journey  :-/ ) I started working on this post.  O:-) Finally!

I have compiled 6 of my favorite coral-pink lipsticks for you. Hope you gals like it. 🙂


6 Coral Pink Lipstick+peach color


Coral-pinks are the new rage and I am sure if you are even slightly interested in makeup, you must be having at least one coral-pink in your stash. And God forbid, if you are a beauty blogger then you can never have enough of these. (Have to review it for the readers you see 🙂 ) They are addictive and look amazing on most Indian skin tones. Here I have picked only my favorites from my vanity. 🙂


 Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches+lipsticks

 Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Inglot & MAC+lip stain

Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Avon Colorbar Bourjois+lip stick


Inglot Refill # 56

This one leans more towards orange but you can see a hint of pink there. True to most Inglot refills this one is creamy and stays on for around 4-5 hours depending on what you eat ( or do 😛 :-)  )


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Inglot Refill 56+coral


Inglot Refill # 73:-

A very close shade to MAC Crosswires that I have included in this post. It is again more coral than pink, just a tone less orange than 56 and frankly on lips it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. This is again highly pigmented like most Inglot refills and creamy enough to not make your lips dry after a while.


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Inglot Refill 73+makeup cosmetics


These refills retail for INR 300/- in India. If you have one of these then you definitely don’t need the other. 🙂

MAC Crosswires:  My most favorite from the lot. Not because it’s MAC, but because it has a balanced amount of coral and pink making it just perfect for me. <3 If I have to have only one coral pink, I would pick this one without batting an eyelid.  ^_^

It is from the Cremesheen Range of MAC lipsticks and like the name suggests it is highly creamy.

MAC retails these for INR 990/- in India


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches MAC Crosswires+makeup brand


Avon Rose Wine Lipstick

Till the time I did not have Crosswires in my life, Rose Wine was my favorite coral pink. :-D  I am sure you can see why! The shade leans more towards pink and would suit most Indian skin tones unless you are beyond NC 43. Being a part of the Ultra Color Rich Range, the texture is amazingly creamy and it stays on for a decent 3 hours with food and drink. I will always have this in my kitty. 🙂

This retails for around 300/- in India. (Not sure of the exact price now. 😐 )


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Avon Rose Wine+make up


Colorbar Peach Crush Lipstick


Aaah, these velvet matte lipsticks don’t need an introduction, and this particular shade is the most famous from the range. It is an almost neon coral pink that is insanely pigmented and stays on for 6 hours very easily. This shade is a bit difficult to describe. It adapts according to your dress and the surroundings like a chameleon.  It can look a bit too re or a bit too orange if you are wearing something similar from that color family. For example, at this moment it almost looks like my curtain colour. :-X 😛

I have heard Colorbar has discontinued this range, but they are still available online for INR 250/-


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Colorbar Peach Crush+lip color


Bourjois Orange Punch Lips

This is a recent addition t my vanity and my most loved color these days. ^_^ It’s a semi-sheer coral pink that looks more pink when normally applied and a tad bit more orange when layered on , say 4-5 swipes. 🙂 The finish is absolutely amazing, juicy and moisturizing. A must have if you love color crayons. <3

This retails for INR 785/- in India


Coral Pink Lipstick Swatches Bourjois Orange Punch+lipstick


That’s it ladies. I hope you liked this compilation on my favorite coral pink colors. All of them have been reviewed by me on Everything-That Matters… . (Yes that’s my blog where I write mostly about beauty and makeup but also about random stuff that matters to me 🙂 ) Would love to see you around at my page as well.

Lastly I must thank Ana for having me here on WiseShe! Thank you Ana and Thank you all for reading.

Lots of Love

Jyo 🙂


Which is your favorite Coral Pink lipstick?

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  1. wow you look amazing jyoee…:) very pretty and i love your hair. nice compilation though most of them are very similar . good to know there are so many MAC dupes 🙂

  2. I am a fan of coral pink.. Have few of them also.. Great compilation.. all the shades are beautiful.. and you looking great too :))


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