6 Must Have Eye Shadows For Indian Soon-To-Be Bride


6 Must Have Eye Shadows For Indian Soon-To-Be Bride

Eyes enjoy a special prominence in our makeup and therefore you must have a glamorous glimpse that can be best achieved with the help of gorgeous shadows. Eye shadows play important role in accentuating eyes and they are “must haves” in a bride’s vanity.


Indian bridal makeup look(She is a friend of mine who got married a few months back, and I did her makeup)

Below is a list of 5 must have eye shadow shades for brides-to-be.



Golden eyeshadow bridal makeup


Golden eye shadow is great for bridal makeup and other festive makeup. Achieving a sunny or smoky uproarious and gorgeous look is possible with the help of gold eye shadow. Adding a special touch of golden eye shadow can make all the difference and really make your eyes pop.

Black or Charcoal Grey


Black Grey bridal eyemakeup


Wearing black is still considered unholy in Indian weddings or at any happy occasions. But a touch of black in your eyes can change the whole way you look. Black eye shadow in combination with other colors can create a sultry look. The key is to apply a generous amount onto the outer lower lid and blend. Apply on lower lash line too on top of kohl and smudge. It gives off an edgier vibe.

Rosy Bronze or Copper


Bronze eyeshadow for  India brid


Use this as a contour shade by applying a flush of this on the crease. This shade complements the bright colors of an Indian bride’s dress, and dramatizing the eyes with fake eyelashes. When worn in a right way, this shade works great on lids too.

You can buy bronze shade eyeshadow from Flipkart.com here

Peachy gold


Peachy gold bridal eyemakeup look


Pink and gold duo chrome so as it catches the light it looks soft pink from some angles and soft gold from some. Beautiful with a blush saree, a lehenga or pretty much anything else.

White Gold or other highlighting shade


highlighting gold indian bridal eyemakeup


Apply a sparkly shade to the brow bone area and on the “V” at the inside corner of the eye by wrapping the color around that corner. This will really accentuate the shimmer and shine, and make smaller eyes seem larger.

Another favorite of mine is Himani’s look that she created a few days back.


Traditional black gold eyemakeup


Traditional black and gold eyes beautifully finished and complemented with a stroke of colored eye shadow in the lower lash line. Match your eye shadow on lower lash line with the outfit you are planning to wear.

These are some basic shades; you have to experiment with different shades to see which ones suit you. The color of wedding dress also matters and plays crucial role in selecting the shades of eye shadows.

Which is your favorite eyeshadow color?

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