6 Neutral Eyeshadows For Everyday Makeup



I’ve mentioned many a times that even though I love eyeshadows and doing eye makeup, it’s just not possible to use the more brighter colors when you go to college, class or to work. I know that most of you also feel the same way and so today, we thought of showcasing some eyeshadows which are easy to use on a daily basis. These shades are easy to wear at work and will just add the right bit of oomph to your look while giving your just the right contoured look. Read on to know our best picks..

MAC Espresso

Its a dark brown matte eyeshadow which doesn’t look muddy which I initially expected it to be.Shade is tricky and will look different on various skin tone.This is how it exactly looks on my hand.


MAC Espresso

Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Cameo

This shade is described as a highly pigmented brownish pink hue with a satiny matte finish and the shade lives up to its description. On my lids though, this looks like a neutral Pink…Kinda like MAC Moleskin, but pinker…. I initially thought it was a dupe of MAC Expresso but as you will see later on, it couldn’t be more different.



MAC Eyeshadow in Moleskin

Moleskin can be described as a soft, matte coffee color (very light coffee) with pink undertones. On some skintones, the pink may not be visible though. When I tried it on a friend it looked pretty much like a nude brown; but on my lids it looks more pink…Not something I expected but I don’t regret this either.



MAC Eyeshadow in Texture

Texture is a velvet finish eyeshadow which can be described as a warm, medium brown color. It’s not as dark as Brown Script or as light as Moleskin. But it’s the perfect burnt caramel shade for me. Also on my skin, it has an orangey undertone which I haven’t come across in any other shade.



Coastal Scents Hot Pot Puce

This shade is described as a highly pigmented eyeshadow featuring a deep pink salmon hue with a clean matte finish. When I saw this online, I thought it was quite similar to MAC Texture…it isn’t by the way This is a lovely matte pink which is one of the prettiest lid colors around..



MAC Eyeshadow in Pink Venus

Pink Venus is a lustre finish eyeshadow which to me resembles an iced-pink shade….think shimmery-baby-pink-meets-raspberry-pink. It’s quite like that.




These are just a few of the shades which we have reviewed here…There are many more and it would be great if you could alsoshare your favs with us..

Do you have any of these shades and love them as much as we do??

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