6 Reasons for Hair Fall Which You Must Know


6 Reasons for Hair Fall Which You Must Know

There can be many reasons behind hair fall. Protein deficiency is a big reason behind hairfall and is very common. Hair fall can also be genetic or may result due to aging, weight loss and over-styling. Besides these, there are more reasons for hair fall that may not be well -known and are often overlooked. You should definitely be aware of these six reasons for hair fall-

Stress- Physical and Emotional

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Stress of any kind is bad for hair health. Physical stresses like flu, severe body injuries or any other serious injury may lead to hair loss. Such events disturb normal hair cycle and more hair start falling. Such hair loss is usually reversible and hair growth resumes after body recovers from trauma.

Emotional stress can also cause hair fall if it is too much and lasts for too long. This is also reversible but it is better to reduce stress on yourself.


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Anemia is generally characterized by iron deficiency in body. Anemia is very common in women of menstruating age and is seen between the ages of 20 to 50 years. Low levels of iron trigger hair loss as hair becomes week and brittle. Sufficient doses of iron help in regaining hair growth.


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When thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, the body’s normal functioning is affected negatively. This causes hair loss. Other types of hormonal imbalances like PCOS, PCOD and intake of contraceptive pills can also trigger hair fall. A normal hormonal level causes hair growth to resume.

Autoimmune Hair Loss

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Conditions like alopecia areata and lupus are also reasons behind hair fall. Immune system becomes hyperactive and starts working against one’s own body. These conditions make one’s own immune cells attack hair as immune system assumes own hair to be foreign particles. Such conditions result in bald patches which are not always reversible.


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It is a disorder where a person keeps pulling their own hair. Constant tugging and pulling weaken hair and it results in hair fall. The cause of Trichotillomania can be stress and it generally occurs in teenager-females. Behavioral modification therapy and anti-depressant medication can help such patients.


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Even though anti-depressants can help in stress reduction, these may also cause hair to fall more. Blood pressure medications and blood thinners also speed up hair fall. Going off such drugs or lowering their dose can help in reversing hair fall.

Did you know about these hair fall reasons?

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  1. Oh god after reading this article I realized my cousin has trichotillomania disorder, i never understood why she used to pluck her hair all time unnaturally, n she had such beautiful hair, now she has many blad pathes due to plucking all time, thnk u thnk u 4 this article, i will read more abt this and let my cousin know too !


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