6 Simple Tips To Prevent Body Odour


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No matter how much you try to avoid sweat during summers, it comes as an inevitable result of all that heat and pollution. And no matter how much you try, you just can’t smell like a bunch of flowers if you don’t have a certain routine that can help you get rid of body odour. Body sprays and deodorants can hide the body odour but only you can cure it of the roots. Presenting 6 easy tips and habits that can help reduce body odour and keep you fresh this summer. Scroll down!

6 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Body Odour:


Body Odour bacteria multiplies in moist areas and so try to remain as dry as possible. Bath twice a day and use antibacterial soaps that unclog pores that help to help prevent odour.


Diet plays a major role in your body odour issue. Caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, saturated fats, sugar and cigarettes can cause body odour. Try to avoid these as much as possible and get a body odour free skin.

Low pH Skin value

The Body Odour Bacteria cannot live on a skin where skin pH is low and so try to keep the pH balance as low as possible. Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree oil help to lower skin pH and help to maintain skin odour balance.

Right Fabric

Denim Shirt Over Maxi Dress

Fabric plays a big role to control the body odour in summer. Try to avoid synthetic clothing in summer and wear loose cotton and Khadi fabrics that help your skin to breathe.

Scented Oils

essential oils

Apply some scented oils like lavender, rose or even peppermint to get rid of body odour. This will help to prevent the bad smell and will also help to keep your underarms fresh. Alternatively, you can use a lemon and apply the juice on the underarms portion. This will help to kill bacteria other than getting rid of body odour.

Antiperspirant + Deodorant

Antiperspirant has a different role to play than deodorant and a combination of both can really work wonders for your body odour. Antiperspirant prevents you from sweating and deodorant helps to control the odour of the body and if you apply the two together, you are sorted for the whole day. Do this tip for your daily office.

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