6 Steps To Wear Mascara Perfectly


6 Steps To Wear Mascara Perfectly

Hi beauty geeks, I am continuing my Basics series with the Mascara application this time. I can’t get enough time to explain how Mascaras help to make your eyes pop. I mean you should get your Mascara right, you ain’t a makeup lover otherwise. I know every makeup geek searches for the best mascara always, you can’t get enough with them. But there’s no point owning some great pieces without knowing the right technique and getting it clumped everytime. So for all those who are new to the world of Makeup I am here to help to get your Mascara right 🙂

Step 1 – How to wear mascara perfectly

After applying your eyemakeup, curl your lashes with a good eyelash curler. An ideal one should be cushiony from the place that holds your lashes.


inglot bp lash curler review+lash curler


Don’t heat the curler as most of the people advice, it isn’t good for the health of your eye-lashes. It may give a great look for the time being but will definitely harm you in the future. Curl your lashes in three steps covering all the lengths. Hold for 3 seconds on each length. First hold the curler to the very root of your lashes, then come in the middle and go for the ends lastly.


coastal scent lash curler before and after


Step 2 – How to wear mascara perfectly

After curling the lashes pick your mascara and get the want out gently. Don’t pump it in between otherwise there’re are more chances of clumping because it will start drying out. Then get rid of the excess by dabbing/rubbing it on the inner rim of your tube or else do it on a tissue paper.

Step 3 – How to wear mascara perfectly

While applying mascara on your upper eyelash, place your applicator, brush or wand horizontally on the base or root of your eyelashes and gently comb, glide or pull it towards your eyelash tips. You should make slight jarring or wiggling back and forth movements carefully to avoid clumping and do it until every eyelash has gotten mascara. Ensure you move the wand outwards and upwards to help your eyelashes curl. Do not blink until it has completely dried.


MAC Mascara Betty


Step 4 – How to wear mascara perfectly

To create a balance, you need to apply them on your lower lash too. Look downwards and place your wand vertically on the base of your lower lash and run it along your lower eyelashes i.e. when applying on your lower lashes; you need to make outwards and downwards movements. This is only necessary if you have a large mascara wand for applying the upper eyelashes. If you have a smaller brush, you could apply mascara just as in the case of the upper eyelashes while it is held horizontally.

Step 5 – How to wear mascara perfectly

If you want to apply a next coat, you have to let the initial coat dry first before you go to the next one. Fewer coats will create milder mascara looks while more coats will create bolder looks. It all depends on what you want.

P.S- I don’t suggest holding business cards and tissue papers to avoid staining on the eyes. Because eyes are so sensitive and a little shake can bang those business cards and tissues straight into your eye. If you’ve read it anywhere else then I request you “Do not Follow” it.


Oriflame Giordani Lipstick in Passionate Cherry Review_mascara


Step 6 – How to wear mascara perfectly

Do the final touch ups and remove any excess mascara from your eye lids or under eye area with a cotton bud. But let that dry before because if you try to remove it while it’s wet then it will smudge out further and you’ll have to re do your cheek or eye makeup completely :-P. But if you let it dry first then you can manage with little touch ups of eye makeup and the under eye base (depends on where you have the smudge).

I hope you find this useful and all our expert ladies will comment below to give you more tips and tricks. I know that’s what you call “Ek teer se do nishaane”

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    • Hi, in the first before and after picture only Coastal Scents eyelash curler is used.
      And in the last picture the Masacara is L’oreal Volume Million Lashes

  1. great tips I used to mess up applying the second coat immediately after first layer and it would end up looking clumpy but not anymore, the last one is also really good 🙂


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