6 Summer Hairstyle Ideas From Pinterest



6 Summer Hairstyle Ideas From PINTEREST


I am pretty bored of that sleek pony and messy pony. I can’t leave my hair open in this burning weather and I sweat a lot as well specially on my face and hair :-/ (give me some suggestions in the end girls). I am sure most of you are bored of those predictable summer hairstyles – sleek/messy pony, simple braid, bun, half tie and many more. So today I’ll show you the best summer hairstyle ideas that I picked up from Pinterest. 🙂



Easy to make, comfortable to flaunt. This braid was also spotted on many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities at some major events, so this is definitely in trend. It just needs your time and a tail comb :P. If you can’t do it with finishing then it is completely all right the messy fish tail braid looks even better and summery.

fishtail brais



This is my favourite one. The scarf doubles as a hairband and a support to your updo. The hairstyle from back looks pretty awesome and classy. You can keep the band of your scarf really thin if you do’t want it to be showy or covering much area of your head. After 2-3 attempts you’ll be a pro at this. 🙂


scarf updo



Perfcet for that classy look and office meetings where you can’t go for the messy hair look. Watch a YT tutorial on this and you’ll be able to do it with ease. It only requires a technique, you can chose what works for you from the many techniques available. Keep those bobby pins and U-pins handy for this hairstyle. Style you front hair as you want, go for a puff, side parting, sleeked back hair etc.


french bun



This works for both casual and ethnic outfits. If you want a casual look then keep it messy. Give your simple pony tail a stylish look by adding some rubber bands to it. If your hair aren’t thick enough then you can use a sea salt spray or back combing your hair before making the pony tail will work gorgeously.


topsy tail



Beach curls look seeexxxyyyyy! But I don’t like opening all my hair in summer. I really liked this idea of doing beach curls. All you need to do is curl your hair, pick one section from the corners of each side, braid them and tie. Follow the same for the next section and you’re good to go.


braided bach curls



This is by far the best hairstyle for summer in my opinion and looks great always. Sleek back your hair or make a puff or do voluminous messy hair in the front and then tie a pony tail, after that curl your pony tail, brush it, twist-tweeze and pin it. Muah :-*


messy updo


Hope you all enjoyed reading it 😀

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  1. this is a great post ayushi. much needed at this point of summer :p i love doing hairstyles, so, this post pleased me. 😀

  2. I go for the last three options as my hair is really long and slippery so I really have no clue on how to style my hair….pins come off and I don’t like to use any chemical on my hair so I am left with nothing much to do with my hair 🙁 🙁 love your posts PR girl 🙂

  3. A messy updo is all what I do in the summers…!!
    The beach curls look soooooo beautiful n sexy…i wish I had such hair 🙁


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