6 Tips For Flawless Foundation Application


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Foundation is one of the prime makeup products which I can’t live without. It is in my Everyday makeup regime and I prefer to use a light to medium coverage for my everyday look. But however light or medium coverage it might give, there are some tips and tricks which you need to follow to get that impeccable finish on your face. Listing 6 tips that can give you flawless foundation application.


6 Tips to Apply Flawless Foundation:


Choosing the right foundation formula is a must step for getting that flawless skin finish. There are a number of foundation finishes – liquid, powder, stick, mousse, mineral and cream. Liquid and cream foundations are apt for girls with dry skin and normal skin whereas stick foundation, mousse foundations are apt for oily skin ladies. If you have sensitive skin, mineral foundation is your best friend. So choose the foundation very wisely. Blending the foundation is a step that is wholly associated with choosing the right formula. Make sure to blend the foundation flawlessly and take your time while doing so.

There are a number of foundation application techniques like brush, beauty blender and even your own fingers but whatever you choose, make sure to blend the product effortlessly. Also, don’t forget to apply the foundation everywhere – neck, ear and elsewhere. If you don’t do it. it will look patchy and horrible.



Using a primer under a foundation and a setting powder over it are two important tips to get that flawless finish foundation on your skin. Primer gives a smooth canvas for the easy blending of the foundation and sticks the foundation to the skin whereas the setting powder helps to keep the face matte and also prevents creasing.

  • Prepping your skin up


Other than primers, a good skin care routine is a must for getting that flawless skin finish. Make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise regularly and exfoliate at regular intervals. A healthy skin is always a great canvas for makeup application.

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If you have severe skin discoloration or problems, make sure to colour correct the area properly and then conceal the flaws. Colour correction helps to make the skin flawless and concealing helps to hide any kind of flaws. When your flaws are not present, the foundation will look even all over which will give a flawless finish.

  • Build up the coverage and work from inside out


Be a little miser when you are working with a foundation. Take small amounts at a time and work from inside out. Start from the nose and then blend towards the cheek area. Also, make sure the foundation is spread everywhere and don;t forget to build up the coverage for the full coverage effect.

And that’s all folks! Hope you will get a better foundation application experience from now on!

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