6 Tips to Increase Height


6 Tips to increase height


Height is predominantly a major factor in building an impressive personality of a person, whether male or female. While height largely depends on the genetic specification of a person derived from their parents, there are also chances that height can be increased with the help of few additional efforts before attaining puberty, in both men & women.


tips to increase height


I found myself standing tall at 5feet 6 inches from high school days while my younger sibling attained his maximum height after completing his 18 years of life and that too about 5 feet 11inches…!! Well, apart from the genetic structure there were several other things which worked right for me and my brother. So, this post is all about the different ways in which one can increase their height or at least make efforts to attain a good height before attaining puberty or maturity.

Physical Activeness

The first and the most important way to ensure a good height is to move your body and engage yourself in physical activities which put strain on your muscles so as to ensure proper blood circulation and release of the hormones which are responsible  for the growth factor in human beings. I remember myself going school with a bicycle after IV standard which gave me those long legs and a good height to be proud of…:-)


physical activeness for height


Yoga & Meditation

The body should be treated as a place to worship and it should be kept clean & healthy for a better mind & soul. Yoga is a great form of exercise which will help in achieving the desired shape of the body in a holistic way. Mild stretching exercises which are practiced in Yoga are really helpful in providing the necessary stretch in the muscles.


stretching exercises height


In a similar way, meditation is also a known way to ensure that your blood reaches out to each and every art of the body and the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) travels easily to the body parts, resulting in the proper growth.


Pranayama & Meditation for skin glow


Maintaining the right Posture

It is very important to follow a strict and proper posture for your body in order to make your height increase by a few inches. When you have a straight posture of the body, your chin straight and shoulders tight, it is easily visible that you height will look more appropriate in this posture.

During your sleep make sure to lie down on your back in order to straighten the spinal column.


maintaining the right posture


Dietary Supplements

Height is decided by the genetic as well as nutritive factors which affect the release of hormones which are necessary for proper growth. Proper nutrition plays a vital role in deciding the height of a person. When you have a healthy diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins & minerals it is bound to affect the metabolic activities of the body and increases the efficiency of the human body.

Vitamin D is known to play a crucial role in the strengthening of the bones and also develops the bones by promoting the growth hormones too. It can be taken in the form of medicinal supplements and occasionally soaking yourselves under the sun will also help in the synthesis of Vitamin D in the bones of your body.


dietary supplements increased height


Likewise, Calcium is responsible for the proper growth of bones and keeping them strong. So, including milk and milk products in your daily diet will complete your regular requirement of calcium necessary for the promoted growth of the body. In case you don’t like milk products, you can also have calcium tablets to replenish the calcium content in your body which is caused by the deficiency.

Height Increasing Exercise

There are several forms of exercise like swimming, stretching, hanging, jumping which can affect the increase in height. These exercises tend to give a great posture to the body and increase the muscle flexibility in the body. Regular exercise ensures the proper flow of body fluids and triggers hormonal secretions at the right time and in balanced proportions.


hanging exercises height tips


Avoid Growth Inhibiters

The use of certain drugs and alcoholic drinks tend to hinder the natural growth process of the body and affects the growing capability of the bones. Smoking is a very bad habit for the well being of the body as it messes with the normal functioning of the lungs and other hormonal regulatory organs of the body. The use of tranquilizers and depressants induces a feeling of dormancy in human beings which hinders the normal & metabolic functions of the body. The claims made by steroids to induce growth in the human body should never be used as they tend to create several other complications in the body. Caffeine intake should also be regulated in the growing teen years as it is the perfect time when all these essential steps will be fruitful.


avoid drinking  smoking


Did you like these tips on increasing height?

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  1. Love the way u write Ira :yes: Believe me…i tried all of these, including cycling to school from 6th to 12th std but it did not affect my height at all. Height is primarily determined by heredity i guess. But i hav heard that height increasing exercises like hanging do help. Not too sure though :-/

    • right naf, i did all the stretching, hanging, cycling…and swimming too… nothing helped.
      and for the sake of growing tall, I managed to have eggs…. u know eggs and non-veg are banned in my family. yet i tried to convince my mom for eggs. And then it was our secret mission u know!!! OOhhh…:D

      nothing helped… baaah…

  2. Thanks Nafisa :-))
    my mum was of average height but cycling from 4th standard helped me achieve my full height( 5’6”) till my 10 standard itself…! cycling helped my cousin too..! 🙂
    Yeah I agree genes surely play the major part in determining the height..!

  3. Hi this is a nice article but height is genetic.

    and height does not really make an unattractive person attracrive, for example I am 5’7 but I am quite fat and not really ”attractive” lol

    and you are 5’6 because you say your mom is average,average height is like 5’4 so being 2 inches taller than your mom is normal.

    best thing to do for height is sleep and run.

    Please post Anamika,first comment.

    • Hello Nats..my mum is five feet 1 inch tall and I don’t think 5’4” is the average height, leaving the people of north…!
      Well, height does looks good if you have the correct standing And sitting posture..You are lucky to have a good height…!
      I have mentioned in the post that apart from the genetic factors, these things too can make you look taller..

  4. I agree this things will help in increasing height, but the main key is in the hereditary factors 🙂 I think as I have seen some of my friends tried and failed mostly :/
    But I loved your write up 😀 IRA

  5. different things work 4 different people. in my short height family, i have a height of 5’5″. my mom says it’s just bcoz i can’t sit still


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