6 Tips To Avoid Nails From Turning Yellow


6 Tips To Avoid Nails From Turning Yellow

Hello Lovelies,

I am here today with a very interesting topic on some basic tips to avoid the nails from turning yellow. Recently, I have noticed that my nails started to appear yellow which was not the case few months ago. I expressed my concern to my father in law and he said it may be due to blood deficiency however I was not facing a single health issue which would indicate any kind of problem with my well being! *touchwood*

So, I searched and asked my whatsapp gang of girls and to my surprise they were ignorant about it and some of them even suggested that I might have symptoms of Jaundice!! :-P  I assume my gang of girls are really too caring (read insane!! :-p)  towards me that is why they suggested a dreadful thing that may be a potential reason for yellow nails, when the reason was really simple and didn’t require much brain exercise!

So all I gathered about yellow nails was that due to excessive use of nail paints these days, which you must be aware of as I recently tried a DIY nail art and practically changing nail paints every day! 😉

Well, we recently saw a nail buffer review by our Wise She Beauty Madhubani and she too expressed that she developed yellow nails for using way too much nail enamel. So today I will be sharing a few tips which are really useful in preventing the nails from turning yellow even if you tend to use too much nail paints and like to change and re-apply them quite often.

gel nail extension

Healthy nails are light pink in color and when the normal color of nails starts to develop in a light yellow color, there is a strong possibility that an untreated medical condition is developing in the body which needs to be diagnosed. Well, yellowing of nails is not always unhealthy and it may be due to wearing nail paints quite often and using nail enamel remover too often!

Good Nail Enamel Remover-

Always use a good quality nail enamel remover so that it doesn’t damage the external texture of the nails which may cause yellowing.

Colorbar Nail Enamel Remover

Take a Break from Nail paints-

Do give your nails a healthy & nail-paint free break once is a week so that they can retain the lost texture of the external surface of the nails.

Hydrogen Peroxide-

There are many solutions available in stores which also give instant results in turning the color of the nails from yellow to being normal. A solution of Hydrogen peroxide in 3 parts of water is taken and the  nails are soaked for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards the nails are rinsed a  good hand moisturizer is applied including the nails as hydrogen peroxide tends to dry out the nails.

Whitening Toothpaste-

Alternately using a fluoride rich whitening toothpaste on the nails can also turn the nail color from yellow to normal light pink. Take a discarded brush and rub small amount of toothpaste on each nail and after few minutes,  rinse.

Pearl Drops Tooth polish review+ whitening toothpaste

Lemon Juice-

Another popular kitchen supply used frequently to whiten yellow nails is the lemon juice. You need to simply cut a slice of lemon and rub it on your nails for sometime. Let the lemon juice stay on the nails for 4-5 minutes and rinse off. Moisturize your hands afterwards. You will surely notice the difference in the color of nails.

lemon for acne spots

Nail Buffer-

Another easy method to get rid of yellow nails is to buff them on a regular basis. But don’t buff your nails too much as then it will be prone to damage and infections.

nail revlon buffer usage

Well, I hope you find these simple tips helpful and apply these in getting rid of the nail discoloration problem!

Have you tried these tips to prevent nails from turning yellow?

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  1. Well m nt a manicure fan.. So rarely apply nail paint.. But wil surely keep the tips handy if I get yellow nails.. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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