6 Tips To Avoid Shaving Nicks For Women


6 Tips To Avoid Shaving Nicks For Women


It is that time of year again when you have the liberty to flaunt all the short dresses of your wardrobe like hot pants, miniskirts, knee length dresses which also accounts for leaving your skin to more exposure in comparison to the chilling winter which rarely gives a chance to show off skin apart from the face alone…! Well, showing skin is not a problem unless it is smooth and free from unwanted hair. A woman looks hot and sensuous when the skin is devoid of any unwanted hair. These days there are a number of hair removing techniques available in salons which ensure that you have a smooth and hairless skin for a good span of time.

Personally, I am a fan of the waxing method of hair removal as it tends to scrap away all the dead skin and dirt impurities with the goodness of honey & sugar. But waxing is a tedious job and cannot be done all by you. It requires someone to do it, and for that you have to visit the salon to get it done every month or more as per the hair re-growth.


Tips to avoid shaving nicks for women


On some occasions when you have to urgently attend a party or a surprise bash, then you don’t have the time to book an appointment & get the job done. There comes the easiest solution of hair removal i.e. Shaving.

Well, Shaving has its own set of rules and techniques which deliver you the best results. But here I am not going to tell you about its pros & cons as most of you are well aware of them. This post is about some tips to keep in mind to save the skin from shaving nicks so that you don’t end up damaging you skin with cuts. Read on to know-

Do it just after shower

Shaving unwanted hair from the legs and hands should be done when the skin is a little soaked in water as the hair follicles are very soft at that time and don’t cause trouble in hair removal with razor.

Look out for a good brand of Razor

It is very important to choose a trustworthy brand of razor and don’t follow the much hyped advertisements of razors as they may be damaging for the skin and may leave you with a very bad shaving experience.


Look out for a good brand of Razor


Moisturize your skin

Dry skin tends to hurt like hell while shaving and you may experience more cuts, so it is better to apply a moisturizer on the body parts to be shaved half an hour before shaving so that the skin absorbs all the moisture and softens, making the shaving process much easier and less painful.


Moisturize your skin before shaving


Exfoliate the skin to be shaved

I am really repeating it again, but this again proves its importance in saving the skin from those ugly shaving nicks too. When you properly exfoliate your skin, all the dirt and impurities adhered to the surface of the skin in the form of dead cells will be removed and the moisturizer applied will penetrate deeply to the roots of the hair follicles making them softer and easily removable with shaving.




Use gentle cleansing products

It is also important to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin which sometimes gets disturbed by using harsh soaps and body washes as these types of harsh cleansing products contain harmful chemicals & detergents which turn the skin dry and makes hair removal painful.

Use baby oil on the skin

Another tip to save your skin from the shaving side effects is to dab a little baby oil on the skin to be shaved, fifteen minutes before the shaving procedure and massage & leave it for a while. Then start shaving. You will definitely experience less pain and no cuts during the whole process.

Did you find these tips useful?

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  1. I luvd d post Ira.. 🙂 I have been shaving for a decade now.. N have always been following quite some of dese tips and hence have prevented any harm done by shaving.. 😉
    Infact, whenever I go for waxing, parlor girls get surprised to know that I shave frequently.. 🙂 can vouch dat all dese tips really work to get an awesome shave 🙂

    • oh thank you so much Himani..Yeah I have also experienced this thing that all these steps certainly help in getting hairless and smooth skin without any cuts by shaving..! :-))


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