6 Tips To Fake-Up Your Beauty Sleep


6 Tips To Fake-Up Your Beauty Sleep

Hey Ya Beauties,

Lazy days mean you end up sleeping a lot or excuse yourself for those power naps in the afternoon which sometimes extend and then you wake up with a headache because you are usually not an afternoon sleeper! Well, that also means you won’t be able to sleep quickly at night and the next morning is just like a big war to deal with! The body hasn’t rested well and so it signals you to sleep but you can’t because it is the dreadful Monday morning and you cannot afford to skip office or kid’s school at all!

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fake up tips for beauty sleep

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But yes, there is a quick fix to it! No! not talking about any power nap but actually a fake-up for your Beauty Sleep of 8 hours which you could not complete while tossing & turning on the bed!

Ice Therapy

ice massage

Well, one of the most effective, cheap ways to fake the loss of sleep is to take few ice cubes in a cotton fiber towel and press the towel lightly with your hands on the face & neck area to give a lift to the face and it will also relieve the restlessness & fatigue from the face instantly!

Cooling Eye Mask

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cool cucumber slices

Keep slices of cucumber in the refrigerator and apply it on the eyes for 10 minutes to instantly get relief from the eye bags or burning eyes due to the lack of sleep! You can also buy a ready to use eye mask & keep it to cool for a while and then apply it for quick relief!

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Cold Metal Spoons Trick

Place two stainless steel spoons in the freezer and after 3-4 minutes take them out and apply it on the under-eye area & the cheeks to instantly lift the skin and make it appear fresh within a span of few minutes! This trick really works very well on the under-eyes and helps in making the skin look better & diminishes the darkness around the eyes!

Cold Sheet Mask tip

cold sheet masks

Keep a sheet mask in the freezer and let it cool thoroughly for 10-15 minutes. Apply it when you are ready with cleansed face to quickly treat your face  & ensure that it makes up for the entire night’s beauty sleep!

You can alternatively put your ready to use face masks in the freezer and then apply it directly on the face for a wide awake fresh looking face!

Cold Massage

Take a tube of Alove vera gel or a massage cream which you usually use on the face! Quickly freeze it on the high setting and use the chilled cream to massage your face gently with soft strokes in upward motion! The skin would definitely feel lighter & naturally awake after this!

Frozen Green Tea Bags

Make sure you keep few used green tea bags in the freezer in a dry compartment so that you can instantly use them on days when you couldn’t sleep well throughout the night! Place one tea bag on the eyes or alternatively rub the tea bag on the skin so that the essence of green tea is there on your skin to give your skin the refreshing feel!

Well, these were some of the very easy to follow tips which you can do even while travelling or if you are not at your home! In a world of unlimited internet & sleepless nights, these tips are surely very handy in times of desperate need!


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