6 Uses of Orange Essential Oil & Soul Flower Essential Oil Review


I enjoy using essential oils as most of them instantly lighten up my mood .When ever I have guest at my home I always remember to add few drops of them in potpourris especially those essential oils which helps in relieving stress and anxiety.Some of my friends think that our house is quite relaxing  and essential oil is the reason behind it :dazed:

Orange  essential Oil has  calming properties which are used to relieve symptoms of depression and stress.People say that it helps in insomnia too but I haven’t tried that so not sure about it.If you have tried it then do let me know.

I purchased Soulflower pure essential oil orange an year ago  and this was my first essential oil .I got it of some 150INR or 200INR .I don’t remember the exact price and my bottle is old so the price tag got removed.Soul flower has decently priced products and are easily available so I thought of starting with them only. I have reviewed there rose soap here.


Soul Flower pure essential oil orange review


Below are six benefits of Orange essential oil which made me buy it.

  • Orange essential oil helps in promoting production of collagen which leads to increase in the blood f low of the skin .This in result helps in soothing dry and acne prone skin and if you have calluses feet then rubbing the oil on them is a popular remedy.
  • Orange essential oil uplifts the mind and has soothing properties which helps in getting rid of the stress.That sweet smell of the orange instantly refreshes a person and helps in calming down the brain.
  • If one is suffering from mouth ulcer then adding some drops of essential oil helps in curing mouth ulcer.
  • Massaging the essential oil on the abdominal area helps in increasing the absorption of vitamin C and helps in getting rid of constipation.


Orange essential oils +sweet orange essential oils review


Essential oils are absorbed into the body via the nose and the pores of skin and hair follicles. From there they enter the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. The beauty of aromatherapy is that you benefit from the inhalation and topical application of the essential oils.

Essnetial Oils Uses +Orange essential oil uses


How To Use Orange Essential Oil


  • One can add  few drops of essential oil in warm bath
  • Few drops in body washes can also be added
  • You can also use it as a room freshener.Add it in potpourris or put few drops in a spray bottle and spray all around in your home
  • For sore throat add few drops in salty water and gargle with it.(In this use bitter orange essential oil and not the sweet one)


Do you know any other way of using Orange essential oil? Which is your favorite essential oil?


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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh anamika..another EO post fr me………..thx……i was really tempted to buy orange essential oil wen i was at soulflower counter…..but at that time i ididnt know its uses……..now that i knw…..i’ll buy………

    • which eau de cologne do u use megha……i want to use one….but just cant seem to find any one easily….??do u add it to ur bath water…???

        • hi anamika……the day.. was gud and tiring both….coz wen u get more patients….itgets tiring…..but is gud coz it satisfies you….

          makeup while working……hahahahahhahaaha…….thats my nemesis……..
          cant wear nail paint as cant keep long nails….even otherwise constant washing of hands takes its toil on nail paints.
          then no use wearing lipsticks/lipglosses….as it gets transferred to face mask that i have wear everytime…..
          .blush and foundation……looks too gawdy fr my profession……
          but yes i can wear gel liners…..that i wear sometimes……..
          i do makeup only on occassions……

          • Aww..thats bad..but when ur a doc, hygiene is of utmost importance.. 🙂

            Me wear makeup everyday..hihi..but not eye shadow..as it is i feel like m the only one who decks up for work…aur zyaada karungi to log outright hasne lagenge..

            • :rotfl::rotfl: muge apne barein mein aisa he lagta hai…i feel i only wear makeup but thankfully now my friends have started wearing a bit of it :D:D

              • Hihi..same here..coz of me, my friends have started using liners and lippies regularly..but its a long time t go till i feel comfy wearing eye shadows t work..blush and all is fine…although office me tere must only be 5 out of 200 wearing it..hihi…

                  • Hihi…thats a gud way to put it 🙂 🙂 i feel much prettier now..u shud luk at me here..amongst oiled haired gals..wearing make up..i felt so weird tday..was planning to go without tmoro..but after ur statement i dont care…me gona go to work lukin pretty! 🙂 Muaah!

                    • actually when u wear makeup people think some din chak girl has come..;) and HR r suppose to do that 😛

            • I guess it must be diff for docs who have procedures to do..tab to mask and all pehenna padhta hai na? otherwise apne general physicians and all usually wear something..

            • yes precisely…as a general physician u can afford to deck up with makeup but wen ur hands are constantly in other people’s mouth….u have to be carful….

      • shilpa i use Premium eau de cologne n various others colognes brought by my uncle from france n germany but i usually use this one only…..n i add 1 capfull in the water bucket……u ll feel fresh after using it…..

  2. Niceee! The citrus fragrance must be so gud na?

    Btw i always wanted t kno something about potpourri..one usually keeps it in a open bowl na? So how can one keep it clean? ikno it must b a stupid question..but in a home like mine where dust is a common occurance how can i maintain potpourris?

    • zara me also want to knw the same……see ur not the only one dumb around……me too another dumb to keep u company…. 😀 😀

    • mm you can not wash it but you can clean it with a thin towel or something ?? not sure as i haven’t done that..i just keep mixing them .i will show u my potpourri bowl in the forum …:P

      • haan..show pic..at my place there is so much dust..i wipe in the morning and by evening there’s a nice layer of dirt..i get sick n tired of cleaning..i wana keep potpourri but i dont want an additional cleaning headache..

        • i just clean the outer plain glass bowl but not the potpurri..they r of dark pruple colour so dirt doesn’t show on them at all..

          and Zara this makes me wonder how much cleansing u will be doing after u reach back home :pain:

          • Pls dont remind me..i went t get a sub tday and on my way back i was rushing and rushing thinking i hav t go home and cook jaldi jaldi..and then mid way i just stopped n realised….I DONT have t go home n cook..then i strolled back with a nice smile on my face…hehe..

            so i dont wana thing bout hte aftermath..abhi enjoy kar leti hu..baad ka baad me dekhenge..

  3. I love the smell of orange essential oil – so cheery & uplifting. I have this oil, I actually have a huge collection of essential oils. I do a lot of aromatherapy personally. I like to use this orange oil in mixture with lemon & some woody pine or basil to ground it as a room freshner. I use these in a candle diffuser to freshen the room 🙂

      • That is a good idea Anks, I’ll do that. I do a bit of aromatherapy in my free time. I mostly use it for enhancing mood & feelings. Different mixtures of oil promote different feelings & emotions. I do this series of posts very soon. Thanks for the idea 😀


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