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All about skin peeling


As we all are aware of the fact that skin acts as an outermost protective and absorbing layer for the body and prevents the extrinsic environmental changes to affect the body in the least possible way. As a matter of fact, constant exposure to the sunrays, dust & pollution tends to make the epidermis dry or flaky & dead which starts coming out on its own. This is known as skin peeling and takes place in almost every human being for many times during their whole life.

It is commonly noticed in infants that their skin starts to peel in the initial months after their birth. The skin has a self replenishing mechanism and it tends to modify according to the changing extrinsic conditions. In the same way, when a baby is born there is a drastic change of atmosphere from the protective amniotic fluid environment to the external world out of the womb and this causes the skin to start its regeneration process so as to adjust with the outer environment. Well, this takes place with every newborn and there is no need to worry about it as it is hardly painful for then because of their super soft and unexposed skin.


skin peeling in newborn


Adults experience skin peeling many times in their lives as the reasons attributed to it are also many. Skin peeling may be naturally occurring or are induced by dermatologists on purpose. Here we will discover about every aspect of skin peeling.

Natural Skin Peeling

This is a situation when the epidermis or outermost of the skin comes out on its own owing to the changes in the climatic conditions or as a result of excess exposure to sunrays which cause the skin drying and eventually starts coming out.

This has been a personal experience in my early teenage years, when I noticed drastic skin peeling only on my face as I a side effect of stepping out in the sun without a sun block lotion and that too for quite long duration. It was painful as the skin wouldn’t come out in a day or two but took more than that. So, on my dermatologist’s recommendation I used a medicated topical cream to keep my skin hydrated and prevent it from further drying. That was a while back and after that I plunged to use sun protecting lotion in any circumstances. Well, that was a life experience for me to understand how important it is to have a hydrated skin.

Coming back to the subject, skin peeling is predominantly caused by many factors like sun exposure, chemical exposure, polluted environment which makes the skin rough and prone to dry resulting into peeling. Due to this reason it is advised to keep the skin protected from the harmful sun rays and chemicals because skin peeling may lead to exposure of the inner dermal layer which is much more sensitive than the epidermis and damage to the inner layers may lead to permanent darkening & spots.

There are a few ways in which skin peeling can be easily prevented. They are as under:

Proper moisturization

It is essential to keep in mind that skin peeling is mainly caused by the drying & cracking of the skin. To prevent this, use a good moisturizer to keep the skin well nourished and in a healthy condition.


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Hot water bath is not advised

If you like to soak yourself in hot water there are more chances of skin peeling on your skin because hot water tends to instantly dry up the skin cells by stripping the oil or sebum which is meant to protect the skin from drying. It would be better if the water is lukewarm and not very hot.


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Use a Sun screen Lotion

It is very important to stick to use a sun screen lotion as most cases of skin peeling is caused by the sun rays which tend to burn the skin and make them peel off.

Use mild cleansing soaps

It is suitable to use a mild soap which has lesser quantity of surfactants as base so that the chemicals present in it don’t damage the layer of skin and make it vulnerable to peel out.


regular CTM is the key


Don’t over exfoliate

It is a common fact that to achieve a clear skin exfoliation is a must. It is true to the extent of exfoliation at regular intervals only. Daily exfoliation may cause the drying oil glands of the skin which in turn dries the skin leaving it to peel out in the absence of proper intrinsic moisturization. Weekly exfoliation is the best as it tends to scrap out only the dead cells and clogged layers of the skin.

Well, this was about the natural skin peeling process. There is another type of skin peeling which is mainly induced for specific purpose through the use of chemicals.

Chemical Peeling

There are many people who suffer from various scars, dark spots and skin burns, uneven skin tone and no amount of medications treat them right. So chemical skin peeling is done to get rid of the dark pigmented superficial layer of skin with the help of chemical solutions like Glycolic Acid, Hydroxy Acid derivatives.


all about skin peeling


In this method, skin is treated with a solution of concentrated amount of chemical which is safe to be used on the skin so that it does not damage the inner layers but only strips off the outermost layer of skin so as to reveal even skin tone without any spots of acne or blemishes.

Do you suffer from skin peeling?

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  1. That is really kind of you to say that Nivanya…:-*
    chemical peeling is a boon for those beauties who have some serious scaring and spots..! I have undergone this treatment due to a burn mark on my face..! it was scary idea back then..but now I thank my doc for suggesting it..:)

  2. Hey Ira.. Another good post 🙂 I badly needed these as the heaters are on full blast during winters, which makes my skin so dry and starts peeling if I am not regular with the skincare.. 🙁


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