6 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Facial Hair


6 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Facial Hair

Hello beauties,

Facial hair is something which is concern almost all women have and barring a few divinely blessed ones who do not have to go over the pain of getting rid of the unwanted facial hair, almost all women have surely some or the other hair removal concern to deal with!

A while ago means (almost an year ago) I was struggling with hormonal imbalance and I experienced prominent facial hair on my face which was unacceptable on my part! I mean come on who likes those tedious sessions to the salon to get rid of facial hair except the eyebrows!

facial hair removal

My major concerns were areas around the jawline and side burns where appearance of fine hair started bothering me!

Well, at first I started using a bleach but my sensitive skin didn’t like the treatment and so I thought of going to the salon to get the facial waxing done! Although, I had seen a friend who got a facial waxing done and had suffered several breakouts immediately after that! But still I thought I would give it a try! The salon expert lady observed and said that your facial hair is not that prominent to get it removed through waxing neither I would recommend it for your super sensitive skin!

I was happy that she was honest and didn’t encourage me to insist her again! But the problem remained and I couldn’t help it!

Well, then I got some piece of advice from a close aunt and tried it for a few times which worked well!

So let me here share how you can effectively remove the prominent facial hair around the face in easy and effective ways!

Paste of Gram Flour & Turmeric-

gram flour

Prepare a thick paste of gram flour along with some amount of turmeric and let is be a little thick! Apply it on the face and as it dries a little, start massaging is in anti-clockwise directions through your fingers!

This will create a frictional and the minute facial hair which are very fine will get twisted along with the gram flour paste which is dry and get plucked in the rubbing process! It is not an instant process and you need to do it continuously on a regular basis for results!

Paste of Lentil & Milk-

red lentils face scrub

Take a handful of lentil and soak it overnight in a little amount of milk. In the morning make a thick paste of it and apply it on the facial area where hair growth is prominent. As the pack dries, scrub it off with a frictional movement and fine hair will eventually come out when used daily 2 times a day!

Fenugreek Paste-

Soaked fenugreek seeds+at home hair remedies

Yet another way to get rid of facial hair is to apply a thick and abrasive paste of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight and ground to a paste. This will also take the fine hair along with it while you rub it in anti-clockwise motions with your fingers!

Facial Hair Removing Strips-

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop

I have not used any but there are a few brands of hair removal strips offered by brands which you can surely checkout!

Threading & Waxing-

homemade wax for hair removal

Some salons offer threading facial hair which is evident. So if you do not have an issue with the pain or possible side effects, you can opt this!

Face Epilator-

braun face epilator cleanser review

The latest on the block is getting a face epilator to remove the finest of hair from the face without using any of the above tiring processes which need patience. The use of facial epilator gives you hair free skin and it stays for a good 4 weeks, which saves you from the frequent parlour visits! I finally got it a few months ago and now I interchangeably use these methods to remove facial hair without visiting a salon! It is like a one time investment! 🙂

I hope you find these ways of hair removal effective! Do try and share if these worked for you!

Have you tried any of these hair removal ways?

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