6 Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally


6 Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

Long eyelashes can be created with the help of lengthening mascara and falsies but they are temporary. You cannot wear makeup 24/7. These things are damaging too over the long run. Your eyes will not look sleepy even if you skip some makeup. So why not resort to some easy natural ways to make your eye lashes grow longer and thicker?

Here are 6 Ways To Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally-

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Green Tea

Something that is supposed to make you slimmer can also make your eyelashes longer. Brew some green tea. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply to your lashes. Be gentle. Do this daily. Regular application of green tea can help in eyelashes grow longer and thicker.


Brush your eyelashes with a lash comb or a clean mascara wand once daily.

Brushing hair keeps it healthy because this process helps distribute natural oils to the tresses and similarly brushing eye lashes with an eyelash brush distributes the natural oils along the lashes and help them grow healthier.

Olive Oil

Apply a drop of olive oil to your eyelashes daily. You will see longer lashes in the course of 2-3 months. You can massage the oil gently or simply apply it with a mascara wand. Do it daily before going to bed and leave the oil overnight on lashes.

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Coconut Oil

You can also apply coconut oil on your eyelashes to make them longer. Coconut oil is good for hair and in the same way it can make eyelashes long and lush. Coconut oil will nourish, moisturise and strengthen eyelashes with regular usage.


Pay attention to your diet for longer lashes. Eat foods rich in protein as they will strengthen your lashes. Biotin is also essential for longer lashes. It is a form of vitamin B. Biotin is must for healthy hair. You can take biotin supplements too. Your lashes will grow faster if you take a healthy diet.

Castor Oil

You can apply castor oil on your lashes daily before going to bed. To increase the efficacy, mix this oil with egg white. Take a drop of egg-white and mix it with a drop of castor oil. Apply on lashes before hitting the bed. This combination gives you long and healthy eyelashes.

What are your ways to lengthen eyelashes naturally?

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