6 Ways You Are Using Your Beauty Blender Totally Wrong


6 Ways You Are Using Your Beauty Blender Totally Wrong

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WiseShe’s Beauty Blender namely WiseBlender has finally launched during the Christmas season the past year. Ever since its launch, we have received so much of adulation about it. So, it really feels great that hard work finally is fruitful. It took us a lot of time to come up with the WiseBlender but the response has been really amazing! 🙂

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Well, WiseBlender has certainly become one of the first beauty blenders for many makeup lovers out there. And so it becomes important that we also enlighten our followers/  customers about how to make the best out of the beauty blender. A makeup novice is hardly acquainted with the use of Pro makeup tools like Beauty Blender. And that results in improper use of the beauty blender. This is what results in damaging of the beauty blender basically.

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If you love using makeup, you must be aware how important it is to use quality makeup tools. And more importantly how to store them and keep them clean for least possibility of skin issues.

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So, today I am sharing the 6 Ways You Are Using Your Beauty Blender Totally Wrong! Have a look at these important points and make no mistakes further.

Using a Sponge Dry/ Partially Wet

This is the biggest of all mistakes you are making. A beauty Blender is manufactured to use it wet. It means it should be completely drenched first and then softly squeezed to remove excess water. And then you are supposed to use it to apply base makeup products or any other makeup item. A dry beauty blender means it fully absorbs the foundation/ concealer. And applying makeup with it is too hard. A damp beauty sponge ensures flawless base makeup without any streaks. Pro Makeup artists always make sure to keep a cup of clear water while doing makeup. It is to keep the beauty blender moist at all times.

Not Cleaning Your Beauty Blender

A beauty blender is not only supposed to be used for applying makeup but it can also be used to apply serum products which means it comes in contact with the skin frequently. So this naturally implies that you need to use a clean and tidy beauty blender most times as the skin is prone to infections if you use a dirty sponge or even a makeup brush.

Make sure to clean your beauty blender after every use to make sure it is free from bacteria as a moist blender can be a potential breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Not Enough soaking In A Cleanser

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A beauty blender is basically a sponge and it absorbs products much more than a makeup brush so soaking is an important step while cleaning the beauty blender. Well, now you need to make sure to soak it for enough time to ensure that all the absorbed product is removed from the inside of the sponge and you get a squeaky clean blender after thorough cleansing.

Scrubbing The Beauty Blender

Another mistake you have been making with your beauty blender is by scrubbing it too hard! Well, that should be stopped immediately as the beauty blender is really soft and scrubbing it too hard can actually damage it. Your nails can also tear the blender and it may be not fit for use anymore so refrain from doing so. You should only use squeezing motions to clean your blender gently under running water. It will help in retaining the shape of the blender too.

Storing the Beauty Blender

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One of the common mistakes while keeping a beauty blender is that after great cleansing, you simply forget to store it properly which sometimes results in mold formation. Store your beauty blender at a cool dry place which is naturally ventilated as well. If you store it in a zip lock bag, it will attract bacteria and damage your blender. Use a breathable cloth/ mesh to store all your beauty blenders after naturally drying them.

Incorrect usage of the Beauty Blender

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Most of the makeup lovers, out there are not actually aware as to how should one use a beauty blender to apply makeup be it concealer or foundation. The thing is when you use a tear drop beauty blender, use the pointed end to spread the product (concealer, foundation, blush etc.) and then use the broad rounded edge in bouncing motion to apply the product uniformly.

Well, these were some of the basic mistakes which are very commonly seen with Beauty blender usage. Make sure to avoid these mistakes and keep your skin and blender problem free for a longer time.


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