7 Benefits Of Amla In Hair Care


7 Benefits Of Amla In Hair Care

Hair care is not an easy task as hair are sensitive and the growth & texture largely depends on the kind of diet we follow in our lives.

Amla or Gooseberry has many nutritious benefits and has been found to be the most abundant source of Vitamin C which is one of the essential vitamins needed by human beings. All of us have seen have seen our grannies using it for making murabbas and pickles and all Indian homes will surely have Amla hair oil. I absolutely love the handmade crushed amla sweet. It is healthy and ensures the proper intake of vitamin C in my body. It is such a wonderful plant that almost all parts of the plant is used in various Ayurvedic/Unani Medicine including the food, seeds, leaves etc.

amla juice benefits

It contains more than 80% of water besides protein, carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins Minerals and vitamins mainly include calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, Vitamin C and B complex. It also contains gallic acid, which is a potent polyphenol. The fruit of this plant is round shaped with vertical stripes and has a hard seed inside. It is greenish yellow in color and tastes really sour. The fruit is fibrous in nature. The fruit is sometimes eaten along with salt. Amla is extremely rich in natural vitamin C.

benefits of amla

Talking about hair care we have seen our grandmother suggesting the Indian gooseberry hair pack with reetha and amla to have a healthy mane.  I remember my mother used a mix of amla, reetha, shikakai which she used to soak in iron kadhai overnight and use it for washing my voluminous hair and I didn’t liked it at all back then because of the tacky ingredients. Well, now I know how useful it was in keeping my hair strong and healthy all through the years.

Indian gooseberry benefits

Amla comes as a saviour in many problems related to hair. I have listed few of the great benefits of using amla as under-

  • It aids in the premature greying of hair and so it is another great fruit to include in the diet to reduce the chances of grey hair at an early age.
  • The mixture of reetha, amla & shikakai although looks horrible and causes mild irritation in the eyes but trust me it really does wonders to your hair making then healthy and strong and free from chemicals in the shampoo.
  • Washing the head with Amla-juice mixed with water after massaging the scalp for 10-15 minutes with fresh Amla juice helps in restoring the vitality of hair.

amla juice benefits

  • Applying the paste of Amla powder mixed in lemon juice on the hair for a brief while before washing them with Amla water keeps the hair strong and shining. Nowadays amla powder is easily available at any herbal products store.
  • A thick paste of Amla and Mehndi leaves is really a great combo for intensively nourishing & conditioning of the tresses. Keep it applied for about half an hour and rinse off with lukewarm water. This will make your hair  naturally brownish and shining.
  • Washing the hair with Amla extracts effectively removes dryness of the scalp, checks dandruff and stops excessive fall and the graying of hair.
  • Amla being a great scalp exfoliating ingredient is really effective in bringing back the lost shine in dull and lifeless hair.
I hope you liked these brilliant benefits of Amla of Indian Gooseberry in the hair care regime. I am looking forward to trying new hair pack recipes using Amla powder.

Have you tried using Amla for better Haircare?-

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