7 Best Affordable Mild Herbal Shampoos In India


7 Best Affordable Mild Herbal Shampoos In India

Herbal things are IN like never before. We get everything herbal now. Be it a cream or a shampoo. I personally like herbal products and am switching to many herbal things these days. Herbal products are considered to be milder compared to their chemical counterparts.

If you also want to go herbal for your hair then you can pick a shampoo from this list-

Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo

Price- INR 115


best herbal mild shampoo

This shampoo is a vibrant green colour, and has a pleasant, clean fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. As well, it has a nice smooth texture, although it can be a bit runny. It has lovely smell and lathers up nicely. The shampoo is economical. Relieves from dry, itchy scalp and makes hair soft. It does not require a conditioner afterwards.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser

Price- INR 75


best herbal shampoos

After using this product need of a conditioner reduces down because it makes hair feel quite smooth and soft. It does give some glow to your hair. It thoroughly cleanses hair in a single wash. It may also help in preventing hair fall.

Biotique Botanicals Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo

Price– INR 238 FOR 400ml


herbal shampoos india

Since Biotique is a herbal shampoo which has organic base it doesn’t itch scalp and doesn’t make you suffer from any hair fall. Decently priced and has herbal ingredients. it doesn’t make hair greasy. It contains neem, Bhringraj and other herbs that are good for hair. It doesn’t lather much.

Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo

Price- INR 245


affordable herbal shampoos

It has some floral sort of fragrance. The texture of the shampoo is watery gel like. It cleans the scalp nicely, doesn’t strip out oil from hair, and doesn’t make them oily. It does not lather much.

Milk Shampoo Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser

Price– INR 95


best affordable shampoo india

It cleans hair thoroughly and does not leave any product behind after even a single wash. It is milder as compared to other commercial shampoos so it can be used 3-4 times a week. It has a pleasant flowery fragrance. Does not cause any irritation of scalp or dryness of hair. The quantity is very good if compared to price.So, totally budget-buy. This shampoo adds shine to hair gradually after regular use.

Lotus Herbals Kera-Veda Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo

Price– INR 195


herbal shampoo india

This shampoo is for oily hair. The flip top is strong enough to take during travel. The bottle is also a sleek oval making it easy to slid into any small place. The shampoo removes dirt and oiliness pretty well. Scalp feels clean after every wash and hair feel manageable. The shampoo lathers pretty well. The fragrance is mild which would not bother sensitive ones and doesn’t last long too post wash.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo

Price– INR 119


best affordable herbal shampoos india

It has Reetha, Amla, Bhingraj, Akhrot Chal which are considered to be one of the best hair care ingredients. It brings a nice change to hair texture.It cleanses oily hair and there is not much of hair fall either. It is somewhere bodybuilding and does add some volume to hair. It keeps hair oil-free for long. It has nice herbal fragrance.

Have you tried any of the listed herbal shampoos?


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  1. Nice compliation maitri…but a big no for patanjali shampoos for me…didnt lather well nd biotique ones made my hair vry rough

  2. no patajali hair cleanser for me. they make my normal scalp and hair super dry. right now i m using khadi shikakai shampoo and am loving it

  3. Regularly washing your locks keeps various hair problems away but if you use too strong shampoos, they can sap the natural oils out of your scalp and leave it feeling dry and brittle. In order to stop this from happening, switch to a reetha shampoo. Take shikakai and reetha powder in equal quantities and add warm water to bind the two. Now wash your hair with this instead of your regular shampoo.

  4. My 50% of hair is gone. Iam 23 years old male. My plan is to apply the onion juice for 30 mints. And after that i have decided to wash it off with Reetha, Amla, Shikakai shampoo made by myself. Is it a good idea to use both of these. Will it avoid the onion smell

  5. I have fine and sleek hair, i have been confronting some dandruff n irritation too. I am searching for something which would cure my dandruff and in the meantime would make my hair solid and thick. Looking forward for a superior recommendation.


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