7 best and easy ways to avoid Premenstrual Syndrome (Premenstrual Discomfort)

By Aruna,
Sometimes we women don’t feel good about ourself  when premenstrual discomforts take place. Premenstrual discomfort begins at puberty and for some women doesn’t end until menopause. That 30-35 years of cramping, bloating, mood swings and other uncomfortable symptoms which occur every month is called as premenstrual discomfort. Doctors  estimate it affects as many as three out of four women at some time in their lives.
PMS is not a disease but nothing less than that too.It is caused mainly because of complex changes in a woman’s hormones prior to menstruation .Premenstraul is usually secere in woman in their twenties and thirties and it gradually gets less bothersome over the years as we tend to accept it.
There are few ways to make premenstrual discomfort some what bearable.Here is what the doctor advise.

1. Eating carbohydrates Many women have food craving in the days before their periods. Rather than opting for sweets or high fat food one is advised to eat complex carbohydrates like pasta and potatoes. These foods provide lasting energy and they are high in fiber too which remove excess estrogen from the body. This is very important because high levels of estrogen can increase premenstrual discomfort.

2 More B vitamins before periods Having food which is high in vitamin B helps in reducing mood swings, bloating and other kinds of menstrual discomfort. Fish, Banana, chicken are rich source of vitamin B.

3. Reduce salt intake Salt causes the body to retain fluids, increases the bloating.

4.Go slow with coffee Some of us are sensitive towards coffee, colas and chocolates which results in mood swings so it is advisable to go slow with that.

5. Exercising Even if you walk for 10 minutes a day it will help in combating premenstrual discomfort.This is because exercise improves your body’s circulation and helps keep hormones levels more stable .Some women have found in fact that even moderate exercise can relieve bloating and cramps.

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6.Heating pads– Keeping a  hot water bottle or heating pad will increase blood flow to the area and help relieve the discomfort.


7.Drinking more water Drink more water helps in relieving bloating and stimulates our body to urinate more frequently.

Above mentioned small tips can help you avoid Premenstrual discomfort.

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  1. drinking warm milk can help to relieve mestrual pain and discomfort! I feel physical PMS is easier to control than emotional!Alll u feel lyk is to cry alot, get angry wid sum1, shout at people and end up having an argument widout any reason!Im so sick and tired of this happening wid me.


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