7 best uses of Castor oil for skin and hair

 By Gunjan,
Anamika and others have discussed about different oils and there benefits on skin and hair so I thought of writing about Castor oil which is one of my favorite oil.
Castor oil has so many effective properties which heal the body and it is an easy way to maintain healthy skin and hair.
Below are different uses of Castor oils and its benefits.
1.Acne cure treatment
Castor oil has Rhcinoleic Acid which inhibits viruses and bacteria. It deeply penetrates skin tissues and therefore it is one of the natural remedy of acne.

How to use Castor oil in acne

Take a washed clothe (preferable a towel) and dab it on your face. This will open up the pores of your face.Apply little castor oil very gently on your face and leave it overnight. I do this before going to the bed and I see the result in one or two weeks. If you are suffering from severe acne problem then you can use this twice a day, once in morning and once at night.

Smooth skin with Castor oil

Castor oil can deeply penetrates into the skin when compared with any other plant oil. It works better than any store brought anti ageing creams.
Best way to stay away from wrinkles is to rub small amount of the oil on your face and around your eyes before going to bed. You might find it difficult to apply it in the beginning as it is little thick and sticky too. I generally pat my face gently with a  tissue to get rid of the excess oil after applying it on my face.
Be sure you use only cold pressed castor oil which is hexane free. Using any kind of castor oil may clog the skin pores.

In Removing scars and blemishes

Applying castor oil after surgery on any cuts and wounds will minimize the appearance and formation of the scar. This is because Castor oil has the ability to increase our body’s lymphocytes or white blood cells which regulates wound healing.

Thick eyelashes and eyebrows

When you apply castor oil on your lashes and eyebrows before going to bed, it  helps in rapid growth. It also thickens sparse eyebrows if applied regularly for 2-3 months.

Hair fall

Castor oil prevents hair loss and helps them in growing back
Castor oil Ricinoleic Acid properties protects the scalp and hair from infections which causes hair loss. Omega 9 acid present in castor oil nourishes the hair and prevents the scalp from drying too.
If you rub castor oil on your roots of the hair then it will regenerate new hair growth within month. It helps in thickening of hair too.
Castor oil also draws moisture into the hair and make your hair soft and shiny.

Stretch Marks cure

I applied castor oil during my pregnancy on my stomach and thighs daily. There is only a slight stretch marks on my stomach and none other than that because of this amazing castor oil which I used.
Applying castor oil on moles and warts.-Though I don’t suffer from any moles and warts but I have read that rubbing castor oil on your moles or warts helps in shrinking the miles without any scarring. If it happens to be a newly formed mole then it will be cured in 2- 3 months only.
Have you used Castor oil before?
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  1. s I have tried it…. as you said its very sticky n i have the habit of sleeping on my chest….. so by the time i get up majority of the oil is on my pillow…. 😀


  2. I am a bit apprehensive about this. because I have stretch marks on my breasts .. if i apply castor oil to treat the stretch marks i hope it does not make any hair grow over there :/


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