7 Brushes For Straightening Hair


7 Brushes For Straightening Hair

I am basically bored of my wavy hair. Yes, I love my hair, no doubt in that. But sometimes I wish I had sleek long hair.  There millions of women who are tired of managing waves, curls and want to have sleek lustrous hair. So there come flat irons to fulfill our wishes. Nothing works as great as a flat iron to straighten those waves and curls. Having lustrous and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. But how safe are these flat irons? Is it okay to put your hair through this torturous process every day?

Does that mean you should stop dreaming of straight, lustrous mane? Absolutely not.  If you are looking for a safe way to straighten your locks- hair brushes for straightening is the ultimate solution.

So here is a list of 7 best hairbrushes you can try for straightening your hair.

1. Vega Hair Care Premium Straightening Brush H1-SB

Vega Hair straightening brush reviews
Ideal for straightening hair during blow drying with an ergonomically designed handle for easier handling and vented ceramic plated which allows warm air to circulate for high speed straightening and natural boar bristles for a healthy glossy look. It is a simple solution for those who want a fast alternative to straighten their hair. Suitable for medium to long hair.

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2. Braun BR710 Satin Hair Active Ion Straightening Brush


It is a revolutionary innovation in the world of hair care, designed for women to look their best at all times.  Instant shine and smoothness from the first brush stroke, anytime and anywhere – just at the push of a button. The Satin Hair Active Ion brush is easy to use, 100% portable, fights frizz and removes static. You can directly see and feel the difference as your hair will look shinier and feel smoother. You will be thrilled about the results and confirm that the Satin Hair Active Ion brush made your hair incredibly shiny.

3. Conair 91503 Go Straight Hair Brush

Conair 91503 Go Straight Hair Brush

If you’ve got curly hair that you’d like to straighten out, or straight hair that you want straighter, this brush features a double-barrel design that lets you straighten while you blow dry. Simply shampoo as usual, then use the brush in conjunction with your usual drying routine. The experts at Conair do the rest!

4.Diane Straightening Brush

Diane Straightening Brush

Get smooth, beautiful hair with the Diane Cermic Straightening Brush. Made with nylon bristles, this hairbrush is durable and will last long. The handle is soft to the touch and ergonomically designed for comfortable control and flawless styling.

5. Scalpmaster Ceramic Thermal Hair Straightener, Red

You can buy from flipkart herescalpmaster Ceramic Thermal Hair Straightener, Red

This high quality, ergonomic red ceramic thermal hair straightener from Scalpmaster is specially developed for professional hair styling and lasting durability.

6. Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush with Boar Bristle, Model D7:-

Denman Thermoceramic Straightening Brush with Boar Bristle, Model D7,

For rapid straightening performance during blow-drying. The natural boar bristles gently grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and manageable look. Hygienic and durable. Ergonomic handle for balance and comfort. Anti-static natural rubber pad for extra grip and control.

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7. Denman Brushes Thermo Straightening Brush (D79)

Denman Brushes Thermo Straightening Brush (D79)

Get your hair straight in a fraction of the normal time with the new Denman D79 Straightening Brush. The D79 has been designed with 2 aluminum hot plates attached to the inside of handles. The plates warm up from the heat of the dryer, helping dry the hair at speed. As you move the brush from hair roots to hair ends, the boar bristles interlock and grip the hair, smoothing, straightening and applying a healthy shine.

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So? What do you prefer for straightening your hair? A flat iron or a straightening brush?

Have you tried these brushes for straightening hair?

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