7 Causes of Pigmented Lips & Solutions


7 Causes of Pigmented Lips & Solutions

We all like naturally pink lips. Pink lips look attractive and most lip colours even the sheer ones work on them. Pigmented lips can be a nightmare for many girls. In India, most people have pigmented lips regardless of their skin tones. Usually we see that upper lip is dark and lower lip is pink but has darkness around the corners. Some people have completely dark lips too.

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These can be the causes behind pigmented lips-


The most prevalent cause of pigmented lips is in our genes. Such pigmentation can be removed only with cosmetic procedures.


Continuous smoking darkens lips. Smokers have dark brown lips that look really bad.


Hyaluronic Acid natural sunscreen

Sun rays are one of the prime causes behind dark lips. The UV rays harm the delicate lips as much as they harm the rest of your skin. The lips become hyper pigmented just as our skin gets tanned.

Old Makeup

If you don’t check the expiry date of your cosmetics, then you are sure to get some side-effects with mindless usage. Expired lip products are the worse things, you can use to ‘beautify’ your pout.


If you keep ‘tasting’ your lips throughout the day Wink Saliva dries out the lips and they become dark. Your lips can get cuts if you bite them too much.

Poor Diet

If you don’t take a nutritious diet, your lips are bound to suffer. Deficiency of vitamins E and C is another reason behind dark lips.

Improper Care

Just like our face and body, lips too need regular exfoliation to stay soft. If you do not scrub off the dead skin from your lips then your lips will get darker with time.

Solutions for Pigmented Lips

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Wear a lip balm at all times. Pick the ones that have SPF. This will protect your lips from getting tanned.

Quit the Nicotine Stick

If you are a smoker then you know the reason behind your dark lips. Quit smoking for the good of your lips, skin and overall health.

Healthy Diet

Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins C and E. Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C. For vitamin Eeat almonds, peanuts etc. Drink water in sufficient quantity too.


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Exfoliate your lips with a good scrub made especially for the delicate lips. You can make one at home or use the readymade ones. Even using baby-toothbrush is a good option.


There are many DIY remedies that you can try for getting rid of lip pigmentation. Check them out here.

Lip Care Products


Lip Lite lip lightening cream

Some readymade products can also help in lightening lip pigmentation. One such product is Dr Khurana’s Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream. You can find out about a few more products here.

Do you have Pigmented Lips? How do you care for it?

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