7 Celebrity Styles One Can Easily Follow


7 Celebrity Styles One Can Easily Follow

We often find ourselves in awe of celebrities when it comes to fashion as they hard to be ignored. We have compiled some style lessons that you can easily follow from them! 🙂

Bollywood Actresses - RED LIPS

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s style is simply chick, flirty. You have often seen her dresses paired with sandals, flat or heel. She pairs quirky accessories an otherwise plain outfit. She’ll wear dresses with the requisite brown belt.

Deepika Padukone style secrets

Deepika’s favorite pair of earrings, thick metallic hoops; go well with dressy, formal and casual looks. Finish the look with a few chunky metallic bracelets and bangles.


You can also spot her with a black or white blazer over a blouse or tank. You can notice that she pairs all of her day looks with a large tan handbag. She’s a big fan of belts and will unfailingly pair her jeans with dark brown belts and her dresses with thin or wide tan belts.

Kangana Ranaut

kangna ranaut travel style

Ranaut’s loves midi pencil skirts and you can spot her wearing pencil skirt quite often. If pairing pepto-bismol pink with bright red wasn’t daring enough, Ranaut chose separates with a rich texture to add another layer of stop-and-stare intrigue to the arresting ensemble.

diva style kangana

Her non-nautical approach for linear print is always on board and Stripes are officially cool for Ms. Ranaut.

kangana interview

She loves to flaunt candies and postcards to flowers and dragonflies print. How to rock short hair look is indeed a leaning from Kanagana Ranaut.

Sonam Kapoor

The Indian fashion icon who believes that you can’t really stand out if you dress like everyone else. She has proven that a little black dress is always occasion-appropriate and in trend forever. She loves to hoard one-piece.

sonam kapoor style statements

She knows what works for her frame, and accentuates those curves in fit-and-flare silhouettes. An accessory is all she relies on to lend any look a finishing flourish.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor flight styling

Her clear skin is her signature style statement.  She avoids experimenting with too many skincare products, as they might cause an allergic reaction or breakout.

kareena kapoor Hairstyle On Carpet

She is not too fastidious about my skincare routine. She keeps it simple by Cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Her red pout also is her signature style statement that you can easily follow.

Katrina Kaif

katrina lastest looks

The British-born Indian beauty, Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly a diva, hot, cute, trendy, seductive, sensuous, bubbly, and expressive. Her unparalleled beauty has fall in love everyone with her. Katrina can never step out of her house without a leave-in conditioner.

It keeps her tresses shiny and manageable throughout the day and before using any heat applicators, Katrina makes sure that she uses heat protectants and serums.

Aishwarya Rai

aishwarya lipstick suggestion 8

The perfect combination of beauty and brains. Her lifestyle is something that all girls would love to follow. She follows a very healthy lifestyle to maintain her beauty. She prefers home cooked meals and drinks plenty of water to keep her skin hydrated and fresh she stays away from fried food, junk food, packaged food, alcohol, and smoking and eats a lot of fruits and vegetables for vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Priyanka Chopra


When you need to look your best, red and will never let you down! Even a smart, strapless bodycon gown can make you look red carpet ready.

10 Beautiful Lipstick Shades Of Priyanka Chopra -10

The bindi will forever be classic, and wearing it with an awesome pair of shades is just the right balance when it comes to fusion.

priyanka chopra designer saree

There is nothing more flattering out there for an Indian woman’s figure.

Which celebrity style do you follow?

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