7 Changes You Should Make In Your Lifestyle To Reduce Hairfall


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Hair fall is something which leaves us sleepless. There can be a variety of reason for hair fall and we must take into consideration each of them. While losing up to 100 strands of hair is normal for a person, if your hair fall level exceeds that then you should hear alarm bells ringing! And if even after every topical treatment possible, you find no result in your hair fall issue, then these lifestyle changes can help you to achieve them. Presenting 7 lifestyle changes that you should make to curb hair fall.


7 lifestyle changes you should make to curb hair fall:

  • Shampoo

The shampoo is something which we daily use but there are some rules while applying shampoo as well. Choose your shampoo according to your hair type and needs. Secondly, apply shampoo whenever you feel like and according to the hair type. Like if you have dry hair, shampoo less and if you have oily hair shampoo your hair more often like up to 3 times a week.

  • Conditioner


Conditioning is a must step when we wash our hair as it gives back the lost moisture that occurs due to shampooing. But one thing that should be kept in mind while applying a conditioner is that we shouldn’t apply it to the roots of the hair. Conditioners are meant to be applied on the hair length and at the tips. So apply like that!

  • Diet and Exercise


Diet and exercise play a major role in controlling hair fall. If you are on a good diet minus junk and oily food, then your hair will be all good and healthy. But an unhealthy diet will make your hair prone to damage and will make them brittle and weak.

  • Chemical Treatments


Daily use of heat and styling tools can make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. Also, chemical treatments like colouring, perming and straightening can cause severe damage to hair and make hair week and cause hair fall. We should avoid using heating and styling tools as far as possible and make sure to use some protective sprays or lotions if we use them.

  • Oiling

Oiling is something which everyone recommends in their suggestions. Weekly oiling your hair with a oil that suits your hair type makes your hair nourished and also improves blood circulation too.

  • Regular trims


Hair is the oldest as well the weakest at the ends and regular trims can definitely help in curbing split ends issue. Trim your hair every six to eight weeks for split-end free and less damaged hair.

  • Stress

Stress is a devil when it comes to hair fall and other health issues. Stress can lead to excessive hair fall and can also delay regrowth of hair and even can induce premature greying of hair. But if you do Yoga and Meditation, stress can be relieved to a great extent.

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