7 Colour Eyeliners For A Party – Bold Yet Beautiful!


7 Colour Eyeliners For A Party

Hello, ladies!

7 Colour Eyeliners For A Party - Bold Yet Beautiful!

We all love that black and bold eyeliner look and always team it up with our traditional as well as western outfits for any occasion. There was a time when people could think nothing but black when it came to kohl and eyeliner but that’s a past event now.

Today the market is full of colourful eyeliners from different brands and some of the colours are to die for! Presenting 7 Colour Eyeliners that you can wear on a party! Enjoy!

7 Eyeliner Colours for a party look!

Nothing in makeup can be complete without mentioning the colour red. Red eyeliners are the new baby in town and every other girl is dying to have one in their kitty. Miss Claire, the Indian brand has a red liner on their shelves and trust me, this is not everyone’s cup of tea. But wear it if you dare it!

Take a moment and appreciate this colour. OMG! This colour is life. I always have a craze for blue eyeliners and this is goals for any blue eyeliner lover. This cloud blue colour eyeliner is a breath of relief for all the girls who are fade up of royal blue eyeliners. Just appreciate this beauty!

I nearly died after seeing this bright yellow colour. Common people will think you are mad but those who love to be in trend knows the value. I really doubt if any Indian makeup brand has a Yellow eyeliner but trust me, this will look amazingly beautiful on medium to deeper skin tones. Even fair skin tones can wear it with panache.

Green is the colour of the year and how can you miss an eyeliner of this colour? I personally have a green eyeliner and believe me, it looks bombastic on Indian skin tones. You can go for any green you please – turquoise, light green and even deep bottle green.

Lavender is a very summery-spring colour that looks beautiful when paired up with any type of a dress. This eyeliner colour is sophisticated and eye-grabbing at the same time. I love how this eyeliner looks on girls of every colour.

Pink is a feminine colour but when you wear pink like this, it becomes a sexy feminine colour. Pair up your pink eyeliner with a pink outfit for a ‘matchy-matchy’ look or a black dress for some boldness. Pink are black are a deadly combo now-a-days!

  • Multicolour

Multicolour eyeliner is not for the faint-hearted to be sure. It can give anyone a panic attack if you are not used to seeing such bold looks. Make sure to wear a monochrome and preferably white dress with this look to make your eyes pop. Looks super amazing on all skin tone and with any dress.

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That’s all folks! Which one do you like the most?

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