7 Essentials Tips To Note Before Decorating A Vanity Room



7 Essentials Tips To Note Before Decorating A Vanity Room


Vanity Room, Dressing Room or what other name you may call it with but one thing is for sure that this is one space very dear to every girl and can very easily be called a “Girl’s Cave”. A girl spends hours in her vanity room for getting dressed up, applying makeup and fixing her hair.

A vanity room is a very a very personal space for few girls and it should certainly reflect your persona and it does so always by the way you have decorated your vanity room. You can decorate your vanity room in a vast variety of elegant and chic ways according to your preferences.
It is a fun space to work in and is equally easy to decorate this space.


Essentialstips to keep in mind to decorate Vanity room


Whether this is your first shot at decorating or you are planning to revamp your vanity room, there are few essentials that can never missed and needs to be kept in mind before you take any step further in decorating the vanity room.

Today we shall discuss some

Essentials To Be Kept In Mind Before Decorating A Vanity Room:


Before we plan out things in decorating the vanity room, first and foremost we should consider the space we have. You can neither incorporate huge furniture and decoration stuff in a small room nor you may desire a big room to be left empty with only a small corner of it occupied with your dressing assemble. So it is always considerate to think about how much space you have for utilization.

Your vanity room can be decorated with minimalist space, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t have a huge space, your dressing space can also be created among a tiny wall between two cabinets. So there always is a way irrespective of the area you have.


Planning on budget is the most crucial thing to do and cannot be ignored at all. You always need to be aware about your budget before you got shopping and invest in some Victorian antiques and then be left with few pennies for other things for your vanity room. We decorate our vanity room to please ourselves and to make it a place of substance that reflects your persona. So please be conscious about your budget since such a happiness associated task should never leave you with any guilt.


decorate Vanity room- BUDGET



So since you have framed your budget, we should now decide about the way we want our vanity room to look like. Want it theme based or mix matched. Vintage theme, natural green theme, royal theme, urban theme, chic theme etc are few instances if just in case you are considering a theme based look for the vanity room.


Vanity room- WHITE THEME


So far we have covered the tough and crucial points that are often left ignored. Let us move further now.


How you want the lighting in your room to be like? The simple way or a little modern way! So after you know how prefer the lighting go to a lights store and pick the beauties that you like. There is a vast range of lights available in markets that does the purpose and at the same time are gorgeous to look and appreciate.

Mirror and Seat:

“Mirror Mirror, tell me how I look”………. No response!!!
Sadly we now don’t have any such magic mirrors now but still we can create a magic in our vanity room, just get yourself a very beautiful mirror that reflects exactly how you look.

Decide how you desire your mirror to be like, a full sized mirror or a normal mirror that focuses mainly on your face. My personal preference is a full sized mirror that shows the complete me from head to toe.

There are vast choices in mirrors for you to choose from; those with artistic frames always attract me.


Vanity room- MIRROR


Since we spend so much of time sitting on the dressing seat and get our looks done, Seat should also not be ignored, get yourself a seat that is beautiful to look at and comfy to sit on.

Organize In Style:

I personally like to have my makeup, jewellery and accessories at one place as this reduces the mess of running to and fro while getting ready and I get an easy approach to things.

I would suggest you too style in a way that reduces the mess and the same time becomes your eye candy. Ensure that you get yourself a beautiful table that has some drawers too so it becomes easier to organize your stuff.


decorate Vanity room- DESK AND SEAT


Beautify With Decorations:

Yes ladies this is the thing that is going to add a whole lot of difference to your vanity room. Get yourself some beautiful antique vanity trays, Gorgeous candles that can be kept on your vanity desk or decorate it with flowers. This step of extra beautification adds to the whole ambience of your vanity room.


Vanity room- VANITY TRAY

Ladies there is no end, when we talk about decorating vanity room. But these were few essentials point that needs to be considered while planning to decorate your vanity room. Show us the pictures if you by any time soon are going to decorate your vanity room or have already done it.

How have you designed your vanity room?

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