7 food to avoid during pregnancy

By Gunjan, 

Hi ladies,

 Its been a while since I  wrote something on Wise She as I was quiet busy with my toddler and  now I have resumed back to my work too. I was trying to adjust to new changes which is certainly not easy .But when Anamika asked me to do a post on this topic I was all excited as my pregnancy was one of my best experience till date.

 A healthy well- balanced diet is important during pregnancy. Most fresh foods are safe to eat however there are some foods which should be avoided during pregnancy. As I have told you in my previous post what to eat in pregnancy I thought of taking up what not to eat this time.

Having variety of food every day is utmost importance during pregnancy but there are food which one should not eat that time

 Below are some of the foods which should be avoided during pregnancy.

 1. Raw eggs – Many raw eggs contains salmonella .Some salad dressing which have mayonnaise, homemade ice cream and custard should be avoided. It is best to avoid it rather than taking any risk.

2.  Soft cheese such as Feta, and brie should be avoided. There many other cheese also which shouldn’t be eaten but as they are not easily available in India I didn’t bother to know about them. Thing which should be kept in mind is that all cheese which is labelled as pasteurised is safe to eat. So do not forget to check the label before eating soft cheese.

 3. Raw and uncooked meat Uncooked meat has high risk of listeria and salmonella poisoning.

 4.  Sea food Refrigerated smoked sea food should be avoided for the same above reason.

 5.  Fish Limit the fish intake to no more than two serving per week.

 6.   Unpasteurized milk and juices.

 7.   Alcohol and smoking Many birth effects have been associated with alcohol use during pregnancy.

    P.S – I am not a doctor by profession and all the above food details was discussed with doctor during my pregnancy

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  1. Nice post Ginjan.. 🙂

    Anamika: i had to scroll up to see the name “when did you have a baby” !!!!!! hehe…see i almost know your family 😉 ….

  2. Nice post Ginjan.. 🙂

    Anamika: i had to scroll up to see the name "when did you have a baby" !!!!!! hehe…see i almost know your family 😉 ….


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