7 Hair Care Tips For Summer Holidays


7 Hair Care Tips For Summer Holidays

Hello, travellers! Travelling is life and we travellers really don’t care which time of the year it is. Personally, I prefer opting for deserts in summers and snowy peaks in winter (yes! I am insane:-P ) but one thing that really bothers me while travelling is that my beauty care regime goes for a toss. I hardly manage to put on a face mask and even sometimes go to sleep with makeup on. But the thing that suffers the most is my haircare regime. I do shampoo and condition my hair thrice a week normally but while travelling, it can be barely once a week.

I realise the importance of hair care while travelling and so here I am with hair care tips for summer holidays. Scroll for more.

Hair Care Tips For Summer Holidays:

  • Frizz Control

Frizzy hair is the ultimate problem while travelling due to dirt and pollution. Always make sure to pamper your hair with a leave-in conditioner or a silicone serum.

  • Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a must after every holiday trip. Take some time out and go to the parlour to pamper your locks. Also, while travelling, make sure to condition your hair every time you shampoo them.

  • After Swim Care 

waterproof makeup 3

If you are heading towards a beach holiday, swimming is a must. And after care of swimming is even more essential. After getting out of the water, wash your hair with a shampoo and deep condition it. Then apply a serum all over it to make it smooth.

  • Colour Protect

If you have hair colour or ombre going on your hair, you better protect it, girl! Opt for some heat protecting sprays or products that protect your hair from the UVA and UVB damage of the sun otherwise, sun rays can cause the colour to fade on your hair.

  • Oil Massage

Oil Massage during your travelling is a must and even more essential than normal days. You get to face so much of damage and stuff which makes it an absolute necessity to pamper your tresses. You can massage your scalp and hair with some essential oils like lavender and peppermint which will relax your nerves. Do this at night and wash off next morning- simple and easy!

  • Things to carry

While travelling, you need to carry a few things in your handbag too. They not only help to detangle your hair on the go but will also help to protect your hair from sun damage and pollution – comb, scarf and hat.

  • Hairstyles to go for

Hairstyles that require no heat and no styling are the best when going for a holiday. During your travels, you really don’t have time to go for curls and straighteners and so wash and go hairstyles are a must.

That’s all folks! Hope you have liked the post.

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