7 Homemade Shampoo Recipes


Hi All,

This post is all about caring your hair  with all natural and homemade products. so lets get started.




  • You may use soaked and  mashed multani mitti/green gram powder mixed with curd/besan and buttermilk or shikakai shampoo(detangling)
  • 10 heena leaves,  10 hibiscus leaves and  two  overnight soaked shikakais. Grind them with water, sieve it and use that gel consistency liquid as shampoo(keep in hair for 10 min.) and then wash it off.


Egg shampoo(thickening):


  • 1 glass warm water
  • Two  whipped eggs mix both and  apply for an hour and  wash off.


Orange shampoo


  •  You need one  egg  one tsp orange juice Mix both  and  whip untill smooth, apply and  wash off after 15 min. (any egg white residue may lead to brittleness and  thus breakage so wash properly)

Amla shampoo(tonic)


You need Equal parts of amla, reetha, shikakai (fruits not powder)(25 gms each) take a kadai(large pan, prefer steel ones for this) put all 3 in 1ltr water. Heat on low flame for five min. Now take it off the gas cover and keep it overnight. Next morning mash ingredients with your hand in that water ,sieve the mixture when you can see smooth foam in it.Use it whenever required(can be stored in fridge  for 1-2 weeks)


lemon shampoo(For Hair lengthening):


Take juice of fresh amla and  lemon in 4:1 ratio and apply it for 20-25 min then wash off Onion shampoo(hair loss)


Onion Shampoo 


Mix juice of one  onion in your regular shampoo and keep in dark for 15 days and now its ready for use


Super foods for hair


  • Veg flaxseeds(omega 3),
  • Tomatoes(biotin)’
  • Garlic black til(micro nutrients)
  •  Amla(vit c),almonds(vit e),
  • Amla and  dates(iron)
  • Soya(protien)

 Non Veg


  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Liver etc.


Hair Care Tips


  • Whenever cleaning comb always rub some essential oil on teeth and  then comb(jasmine :shine,rosemary:lengthening,basil:oily scalp).
  •  Comb and plait hair before sleeping
  • Comb before washing hair.
  • Avoid excess sugar and oily foods as they make hair weak and  brittle.


Some Hair Care product Recommendations:


  • Soulflower healthy hair massage oil.
  • Scalpe lotion(shampoo) for dandruff.
  • Forest essentials shampoo(for ayurvedic care).
  • Macadamia masque for treated hair
  • Soulflower let your  hair down shampoo bar(sls free) for thickening. I  hope all this help you in  attaining healthy hair.
Note:Avoid oiling your  hair whenever using natural shampoos for better results
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      • i can imagine…whenever i use it for cooking, i cant wait to dump it in and cook it..the smell is terrible..but i guess if it reallt helps in hair loss control , then all is maaf1 🙂

  1. yup before yur friends starts running away its better to try these at home ..my one of fav is mixing aloevera juice with shampoo..it conditions hair so well.

  2. zara di
    if u wanna buy aloe vera juice, then go for stabilize juices (preservative free).they are better for both enternal n external usage 🙂 ,one such brand is ALTIS ALOE JUICE. its for rs.300 for 500 ml(approx.) but a safer option.if interested then search in medical store for it :-))

  3. Wonderful article! I’m gonna try a few recipes from here. The Tonic recipe with Shikakai is something my mom did for us until we were in school, and we never had any hair problem! Hair was thick, glossy and strong.

  4. Thanks Shivani… just one query… I’ve always known lemon to have bleaching properties since we often use it for skin care to remove tan, etc. So, won’t it do the same to our hair – as in lighten the natural colour? Can it lead to greying of hair or it’s safe?

  5. my hair is really fine infact i was thinking of searching some remedies on internet when this came. I’d try the 1st egg shampoo pack.
    btw i have terrible allergy with onions i so love cooking but then chopping onions give me headache everytime. 🙁 So i better stick to egg or orange or amla tonic shampoo they should do good.

  6. 😛 i dont wear specs at home all the time na thts why may be. But i am definitely some how allergic to it.
    This time I am thinking of changing shampoo my hair has turned quiet dry this year even after oiling. Ana can you suggest me a good moisturisng shampoo, i tried dove didnt like it . Dove seems to leave some residue on my head:(

    • Shreya… you already have fine hair. Dove will make your hair even more thin and cause severe hairfall… Im a victim :pain: Please stay away from dove! TC

        • Sorry shreya if im not able to help you much… i just got away from dove and in a process of finding a better shampoo… right now using Fab india Aloe vera shampoo + conditioner… it doesnt control dryness much when using it alone. I used bio musk root hair pack from biotique and then used this shampoo and conditioner( My hair was soft, shiny and bouncy) try it :-)) my next try would be bio walnut bark shampoo or fab india avacado shampoo… if i find something better for my hair.. i’ll let you know for sure shreya dear…

  7. hello ashu,
    u try out onion shampoo, its very easy,just blend one onion with a little water in mixer n seive the juice in any of ur regular shampoo, any brand. keep in dark for 15 days n ready to use dear 🙂

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