7 Lady Gaga Lip Shades Suggestions



7 Lady Gaga Lip Shades Suggestions

Lady gaga…!! I remember my dadi almost getting a heart attack when she saw the Lady Gaga appearance at the MTV 2009 Video Music Awards. I don’t blame her cause Lady Gaga most of the times is seen in her signature weird looks. The infamously outrageous Lady Gaga is known for her sparkling eye makeup, striking lips and terrible dresses. But despite her weird dressing style, what I like about her is her gorgeous lipstick shades and also some of her eye makeup.

So today, I’ll be listing some of her stunning lip shades.


Lady Gaga Red lips


This is one classic glam look and I just love it on her. Soft curls and red lips can never go wrong. It screams glamour. Red lips are her favorites and she is often seen sporting them. I love Lady Gaga’s choice of red here. It is a red that’s not too bright and garish but gorgeous and sultry and in a velvety matte finish that looks timeless. The shade has to be the stunning MAC Russian red.


LadyGaga in Barbie pink lipstick


Another color which she is in love with is a bright Barbie pink lipstick. This shade I love on her. She added a shock of color to her look, and paired her round glasses and blond tresses with this lipstick. It is definitely a blue based cool toned pink which looks a little neonish. This reminds me of MAC Pink Noveau.


pink lipstick by Lady Gaga


Talking about pink another one she loves is Lime Crime Great Pink Planet opaque lipstick. The color is similar to Pink Noveau but brighter and more pigmented with a smooth and creamy texture and finish. The pigmentation is just insane. One swipe and it’s on, and lasts though out the entire day. Scary stuff. Mac’s Saint Germain comes close to this.


Gothic-inspired dark lipstick LadyGaga


At Tegel airport in Berlin, Lady Gaga completed her cut-out ensemble with Gothic-inspired dark lipstick. The bold dark brownish-red color is both provocative and disarming; with smoothness that exudes sensuality. What a perfect finish to her look.

Black Cherry from Revlon  and MAC Nightmoth come pretty close to this shade.


Lady Gaga lipstick suggestion


Now this is not a lipstick, but a lipgloss actually which is her absolute favorite. Its “Underage” from MAC. This is a beautiful, opaque nude that is hard to dupe. She wears it alone and also on top of her peachy, nude lips to add a great, shiny dimension. I love how it balances Lady gaga’s dramatic eyes.


celebrity lady gaga lipstick inspiration


Time for another red. It is a stunning red with strong hints of orange in it. And this shade definitely reminds me of MAC Lady Danger. The shade and finish looks same. The bold, brightened orange-red lipstick with warm undertones is looking ravishing on her. Lady danger is looking dangerously beautiful on this dangerous lady. MAC Scarlet Ibis can be a great option too.

Read about MAC Lady Danger here.


lady gaga makeup look


Last but not the least, MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2. Her love affair with MAC became stronger as she became the spokesperson of MAC for the second time. MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 is a peach-tinged pale beige-nude with an amplified finish. It is super creamy and pigmented, settles into a semi matte finish and thus stays long too.

Which one did you like the most on Lady Gaga?

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  1. nice suggestions Madhu..i loved the first look a lot! she certainly has petty looks but dunno why she attempts such hazardous outfits most of the time!


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