7 Makeup Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating Eye Looks


7 Makeup Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating Eye Looks

Hello ladies!

How is your New Year coming along? Are you still following the resolutions or gave it up already? Are you planning any get together or have an upcoming wedding coming up in January?

Well, I have a friend’s marriage in the last week of January and I was thinking of getting some professional help for makeup look, but then I remembered how I didn’t like the makeup I got done at a salon at my friend’s engagement. So, I am going to try some eye looks ahead of the wedding and will do it myself as I have almost the right brushes for eye makeup.

I am sharing some makeup tips here for you all as well that you should keep in mind while creating eye looks. So make sure to read these and follow and create your own eye looks as you only know what looks better on your face! 🙂

Be Creative & Use Bold Colors


The best way to create a stunning eye look is to be creative and experiment a lot with colors and do not stick to only the basics. Like for a smokey eye makeup, do not stick only to browns or black shadows but you should definitely try some colorful shades as well.

makeup ideas for dark brown eyes

Make some bold choice like blue or green as per your skin tone.

Combine two tones for a Beautiful Smokey Eye look

naratri festive eye makeup look tutorial

For a black smokey eye look you should add a bit of brown too while creating your eye makeup to add more warmth to the makeup look. It will create a beautiful diffused eye look with the two shadows.

Never Skip a primer

clarins instant smooth primer

One important tip most pro-makeup artists suggest is to always use an eye primer for a smooth eye makeup. It is also essential because it keeps your eye makeup in place and prevents it from smudging or spread out of proportion. You can alternately use talcum powder too on the eyes and then use eye shadows for a smooth & effortless makeup on the eyes.

Blurring effect on the eyes

Nykaa full eye kajal 1

When you apply eye makeup like smokey eye or two-tone eye makeup look, make sure you blend and blur the transition area on the eyes to make both the shades perfectly blended. Do not leave any streak/ sharp lines on the eye crease. While attempting a cut-crease eye makeup only you should not blend the transition eye shadows.

For a signature smokey eye makeup a blurring effect is one of the most important tip to keep in mind.

Always apply eye makeup as close to lower lashes

green smoky eyes makeup with AVON

Well, this is a thumb rule and you will immediately notice it if you apply eye makeup too far from the lower lash line. It should appear fading from the lower lash line. The color should be rich at the inner end of the lower lashes.

Applying Eye Shadow at the correct area

eye makeup tutorial for navratri garba

Eye shadow should be applied from the iris till the outer corers of the eyes. Never apply eye shadow starting from the inner corners. Inner corner is mainly used to apply highlighter, concealer or white eyeliner to make your eye stand out/ pop and look more prominent. Stick to this tip for a flawless eye makeup look.

Create Eye look before face makeup

blue eyemakeup 2017 amazon fashion week

Always make sure to attempt your eye look first and then go ahead with the face makeup. This way you can dust off the eye makeup residue with a powder brush and also clean any imperfection with a q-tip for a finished eye makeup look.

eye shadow applictaion with qtip

Well, these were some amazingly useful and easy tips you should follow and incorporate while creating your eye makeup. I hope you like them.

Do share your favorite eye makeup tip which has helped you immensely.


  1. Kitne acche ideas n tips hain
    Maine ab jab bhi tym milta hai eye makeup jarur try karke sikhti hu per abhi tak wo perfection ka 1 % bhi nahi ho paya (
    Wish n hope ki jaldi seekh lungi )


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