7 Most Common Lipstick Mistakes You Should Avoid


Hi Pretty ladies!

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Lipstick is something without which I cannot imagine my life. When I was taking baby steps in the glam world of makeup, this beauty is the first ever I got my hands on! It is a long journey from just a lip balm girl to bold pout-y one.


And I have learnt a lot about how to apply lipstick with perfection. Today I am going to share some useful tips to avoid common lipstick mistakes. Shall we begin?

Exfoliate it right


Prepping your lips is really important. A lip scrub is ideal to remove all the flakiness and chapped layer of lips to reveal soft and smooth lips. Don’t forget to put a good amount of lip balm before putting any lip products.

lip scrub

Are you into Prep+Prime?

Lip Balm Pink

Lip pigmentation is the most awkward and bitter truth of south Asian beauties. Although, we can reduce their appearance with the help of a lip primer. Lip primer is ideal to reduce a certain amount of lip pigmentation to an extent.


If you don’t have it just dab a creamy concealer or foundation and set it with help of any translucent powder.

You are not lining your lips

colorbar clear red

Lining lips is the most important thing, you should keep in your mind. Those who are die-hard fan of long stating lip colours, should start lining their lips before putting any lip colours to get fuller even and stronger than ever lip colours!

You are not choosing lip colours according to your Skin tone


Choosing lip colours according to your skin tone is very important. Always try them at a counter before buying, so you’ll get the best flattering lip shade for your skin tone.

Are you pairing it with the right amount of makeup?


Pairing a particular lip shade with the right amount of makeup will save your day for sure. If you are going to apply bold shade, keep the rest of your makeup dewy and fresh and vice versa.

OTT glossiness 


Don’t ever go overboard with a gloss! If you are applying a matte finish lipstick, then apply a dash of gloss in the centre of your lips to get a fuller effect instantly. Blot excess to avoid any lip colour stains onto your teeth.

Concealer is a pro!


Last but not the least, Brighten up your lipstick with a yellow toned concealer. It sharpens up the edges of your lips to get precise looking lips.



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