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Hi Beauties,

Today i would like to share a post on a topic that most of us know is important but due to our culture are not quite open about discussing it. Its about feminine hygiene. Yes along with our skin, hair and clothes, we also need to take extra and special focus on maintaining proper hygiene during our menstrual days and otherwise too.
I was not aware of all this until we had a seminar in college where one of the NGOs had come to educate women on their personal hygiene ( the benefits of studying in a girls college
πŸ˜€ )
The gynecologist who was taking the seminar cover most of the daily care issues, which if followed to lead to lesser and lesser STDs, Urinary tract infection and can even avoid certain cancers.All in all she told us about

Following tips are some hygiene tips I have been following and have included my personal research too into my daily hygiene.

1.While bathing, do wash your private parts carefully. Use feminine washes available these days in the market. The ingredients in it maintain the Ph of the private parts. Now who would have guessed that we need to control the Ph even in areas we wouldn’t think of otherwise. It keeps bacterial growth in check and keeps the acid-alkaline balance. Now please chuck the anti bacterial soaps we have been using, they dry out the area and can cause harm.

Product recommendation in Indian markets : Femme feminine wash, Bella feminine wash.

Summer Eve Feminine  Wash
2- Use panty liners on days when you are not menstruating. It keeps you  clean and also does not stain your expensive under garments from the fluids. If necessary you can change it twice a day. It keeps away bacterial breeding grounds and gives you a very clean fell.

Product recommendation in Indian market : Carefree panty liners, Bella panty liners ( available at all H&G stores)

3- Change you napkins atleast 4 times in a day during the first 3 days of periods. As per a recent survey, Indian women change napkins only 10 times during the entire cycle as compared to western women who do 20 times !!! Alarming isn’t it ??
4-Keep your pubic hair in check. Do use a scissors to cut them short else water gets trapped in the hair and gives enough reason for bacterial infection and in-turn leading to urinary tract infection. But please be careful not to use razors to shave them as it may be dangerous.
5-Do use water to clean yourself every time you make a trip to the washroom if possible.
6-And last but not the least, please visit a gynec if you experience any itching or see any abnormal white discharge or offensive smelling fluid.
Lets start our beauty regime from within.
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Do let us know if you have any female hygiene questions or any tips on personnel Hygiene to share with us πŸ™‚


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  1. good tip..i pretty much follow all except the feminine wash…some docs say its not that good and plain water is good enough..i’m not sure which is true πŸ™

  2. Thumb up Mitra! Awesome article..Most of us are a bit shy to talk about such issues when infact a vast majority of women suffer from alot of such infections. This article is extremely useful..thanx!

    • Hi Prerana…it must have been a really painful experience na? One of my Bhabi’s also had UTI…and its a regular thing with her..she keeos getting it on n off…So the apart from medication, the doc also suggested that she start drinking kaccha/unboiled milk…M not sure of the logic..but seems to have helped her alot… by any chance did the doc ask u t do the same?

      • very very painful…i asked anu also abt it, she said she too had it twice and asked me not to worry as after antibiotic treatment of 1 week it gets cured..but before medication its like hell :pain: :pain: and u know, UTI is very common, about 80% girls will definitely have it in any stage of life…only thing we can do is to take proper hygiene measures :yes: :yes:

  3. very very useful post mitra. these things are not
    usually discussed in the open as many have apprehensions
    about such topics and are shy too, thinking that it is
    something that is happening only to them. still many
    are ignorant about personal hygiene. thank you.

  4. very inforamtive post mitra…….
    one feminine wash i can also suggest…..its LACTACYD WASH…….its really nice…….since i have started using it……and taking controll of pubic hair…….my uti incidents have dropeed to almost nil………

    • Hi Doc..I have also heard alot about Lactacyd..M currently using a feminine wash from Avon…Simply Pretty i think is the name…After thats over m gona buy this..Thanx for the tip :blush: :blush:

  5. Thank you guys…its such a neglected one in developing countries actually..and please do share any of your personal tips that you follow.

    Shilpa-will give Lactacyd a try for sure.

    Dhanu, Nims, Anks, Prerna , Pavani, Jatinder, Ponnovium , Ani and Zara thanks for the appreciation sweeties :-* :-*

    Ponnovium – washes are absolutelt safe, soaps are not. Cause washes are Ph controlled and soaps are strong and harsh. Plain water boesnot clean as well. Do try for a month you’l fell the diference.

    • reddy if you find anything useful do share it on face book or twitter where u r subscribed..it helps the readers and ofcourse the blog too πŸ™‚

  6. Dear Mitra,
    read your article on Hygiene tips. I have been using “VCup” menstrual cup for almost one year. I personally believe it is by far the best feminine hygiene solution. I hope to read your reviews on menstrual cups in the future. These cups are so convenient and to top it there is no waste generated. Have a greener period ladies.
    Vidya K

  7. Very true, Though intimate hygiene is top concerning ,people are not so much open to discuss on it and that make them suffer from infections and diseases. Guys don’t be shy it is very normal and should be discuss. BTW nice post , keep posting such a informative texts.


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