7 Pink & Rose Drugstore Blush Swatches


Hey All!

I got so inspired by Zee [our darling Zara] that I went on searching for Blushes everywhere. Finally I have learnt to wear a blush and only now I realize so much I was missing in life 🙂 If not for Wise She I would never have tried these cute little pots of glow!

Before starting all I had was just one blush from Chambor which I found too shimmery to use. In all the blush-madness I ended up collecting some 6 blushes. My last purchase was Loreal true match and that’s one blush I’ve been using almost everyday. Few others are nice too.

Street Wear Pink Blossom Swatches,  Colorbar Cosmic rose blush swatches,  Lotus Tea Rose blush swatches,  Lakme Earth Rose Trio blush swatches,

As of now I’m only sharing swatches with you guys. If you want me to review any of the blush in detail, pls leave a comment and I’ll do best I can.

 Street Wear Pink Blossom Swatches+Street Wear Pink Blossom Swatches,  Colorbar Cosmic rose blush swatches,  Lotus Tea Rose blush swatches,  Lakme Earth Rose Trio blush swatches,

You’ll find swatches of the following:

Chambor  Soft Plum Blush swatches

This one is pigmented but too shimmery, please tell me if you have any ideas to use it

 Chambor Soft Plum swatches

Coloressence Sh-4 swatches

 Coloressence blush Sh -4 swatches

Street Wear Pink Blossom Blush Swatches:-

Nice hot pink! Should suit all shades of skin!!

Street Wear Pink Blossom swatches

Colorbar Cosmic rose Blush swatches

Light pink with mauve undertones… makes my skin look dull

 Lotus Tea Rose Blush  swatches (Its quite brownish/peachish for my taste, so hav’t been able to use it)

Street Wear Pink Blossom swatches+Colorbar cosmic rose blush swatches

Lakme – Earth Rose Trio Blush Swatches

[This Ltd. Edition blush is still available in Beauty center,Crowford market, Mumbai ]Same problem as with Lotus Tea Rose… will have to practice to get it right with peach blushes. If you have any ideas, pls do suggest!

 Loreal True match Blush Rosewood

This one is Awesome! Light, fresh and just the right amount of shimmer. This is one blush that made me realize how a sweep of blush can make you really glow 🙂

Lakme earth trio rose blush  swatches

I’m not yet an expert with applying them [or even buying a right shade!] but am having fun with all my blushes!

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  1. this is like heaven for me paddy!!! so many blushes in one post!!! Haaiiii!!!

    M liking the lotus wala…ive never used lotus blushes before…r they gud? do a review on that na pls..

  2. I love the Lakme Earth Rose Trio too..I liked Lotus and Streetwear shades..pradnyaa u can combine 2 blushes if its too light for your skin tone..and if its shimmery use it with a lighter hand..or try using a compact above..would lessen the shimmery effect..

  3. When i saw the heading I thought it was another blush post from Zee 😀 😀 😀
    Lovely review Pradnyaa…. I like the packaging of Lakme Earth rose… it seems more pink in the pan…. Have you tried the Maybeline wala mousse blush??

    • Thanks Malini! 🙂 I tried the mousse blush only in shops i loved the shades and texture but din’t buy only because of the glitter particles… couldn’t have worn it even in the night :sick:

  4. I think its reviewd here.. will chk, if not will review it 🙂 or then may be Zee is the reight person to review it since I’ve hardly used the Lakme and Lotus ones. Somehow find it difficult to pull off the peachy blushes 🙁

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