7 Sexy Katrina Kaif Hairstyles


7 Sexy Katrina Kaif Hairstyles


Katrina Kaif is one lady who is really successful just because of her beauty. I don’t think that she has many fans of her acting talent but when we talk about beauty, she is a natural at that. She keeps trying new hairstyles for her films but in her real life the story is completely opposite. She has long, lustrous hair which enhances her beauty. Whenever Katrina has tried something new on her hair, the results have been great. See yourself-

Simple Hair


katrina kaif sexy hairstyles

This is Katrina’s go to hairstyle. You will rarely see her in anything else in real life. I feel bored of the similarity but there is no doubt that this hairstyle suits her to the T. It frames her long face and gives her a softer look.

Highlighted Hair


katrina kaif hairstyle

Katrina sported this look in her movie New York. The red highlights are so damn sexy. The hair was loosely curled and went perfectly with her free-spirited character.

Katrina’s New Hair


katrina kaif hairstyle

In my view, she looked her best in Namastey London. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. Katrina not only changed her hairstyle for the movie but she also changed her hair colour completely. The colour suited her and the tight curls with a sleek fringe looked amazing on her.

Katrina Kaif in Bun Hairstyle


sexy katrina kaif hairstyles

How gorgeous Katrina looks here! The loose bun is really perfect for her. Her bangs always make her look prettier. We need to see more of these.

Katrina Kaif in Braid


katrina kaif hairstyles

This is a rare sighting. The bubble braid coupled with the beautiful hair accessory is just lovely. I think Katrina should wear braids more often. She looks like a princess here.

Katrina Kaif goes Straight


best katrina kaif hairstyles

Katrina’s look in her movie with Ranbir is another one which suited her really very well. She looked amazing in every frame of the movie. Her cute looks are enhanced in poker straight hair and a headband.

Katrina Kaif in Ponytail



This pony with deep side part is very elegant. It is suitable for evening events. Katrina’s hairstylist has made this tight hairdo work for her very beautifully. The hair has some volume and look natural.

Which is your favorite hair style of Katrina Kaif?

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