7 Styles Of Ombre Lips


7 Styles Of Ombre Lips

The Ombre trend first blew me when I saw Shenae Grimes modeling her Ombre-colored loose, beachy waves that adorned her beautiful face while walking the red carpet sometime in 2010.

Since then I have noticed many Hollywood beauties like Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz and pretty Drew Barrymore flaunting their gorgeous Ombre locks.

From hair, Ombre trend now have transferred to lips as well. And being a lip makeup lover, I went for Ombre lips dauntlessly quite a few times. It’s a sure head turner and you’ll get raised eyebrows as well as huge compliments. 😀


easy Ombre lips


Ombre lip is a gradation of color that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the center of the mouth.

You can buy this lip pallette from flipkart here and try the different styles of ombre lips.

On today’s post I’ll be listing some beautiful Ombre lips for you all.

Go easy-peasy:

This is the simplest form of Ombre lips. Apply the lighter shade on one lip and the darker shade on the other lip and then smack lips lightly to blend them at the centre.


ombre lips colors


Dark out:

Take a dark colored lipstick and outline your lips with it. Take a lighter shade and apply it on the inner portion of the lips. Blend the harsh lines in between. You can use more than three colors too if you want. In that case, it will be easier if you use a lip pencil for the outer line and apply the other two shades of lipsticks on the inner portions.
dark shades ombr lips trend

Dark in:

This is the reverse of the previous method. Line the lips with a nude or any other light colored lip liner. Then apply the darker shade on the next inner portion of the lips and finally the darkest shade on the centre. Lightly smack lips.
ombre lips style

The vertical gradation:

All the above shades were horizontal gradation of lip colors. This can be done vertically too. Apply the dark color on the corners of both the lips and the lighter shades in the centre of both the lips.
vertical gradation ombre lips

Go Bold, Go Dark, Go Vampy:

Vampy dark Ombre lips are perfect for this fall. Apply black eye pencil or if you have a dark blackish brown matte lipstick on the outer corners of lips, vertically or horizontally as per your choice. Then apply a matte blood red lipstick on the inner portions and blend until the harsh lines are blends well. The romantic vampy is trending as well.


bold colors ombre lips


Go glittery. Add some bling and add some fun. Outline lips with a creamy, shinny lipstick and fill in the inner portion with a shimmery, frosty lipstick. You can also dab some glitters in the centre for that extra bling.


bling ombre lips

One lip Ombre:

My recent favorite. You need a little practice to nail this. Apply your favorite lipstick on the upper lip and line the lower lip with it. Apply different lighter shades on the middle of the lower lips. Blend the harsh lines. Don’t smack your lips; otherwise the lighter shades will ascend on upper lips.
one lip ombre style


Ombre is a trend to try now. Go for these Ombre lips in this season to add oomph to your look. Happy experimenting 🙂

Have you tried ombre style on your lips?

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