7 Stylish Looks To Be Admired This Week


7 Stylish Looks To Be Admired This Week

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all must be gushing over all the pictures from the #Virushka Wedding which have been etched in our hearts & mind since last week when they both chose to break millions of hearts but also managed to get billions of Awwsome wishes!

Well, I am still scrolling through their pictures whenever I get a chance to see them! And am sure it will take a while when we all can go back to our normal lives & not act like we just witnessed that much in love couple next door finally deciding on forever! 🙂

So, amidst all this somewhere we got so many amazing looks from various divas in the industry that it is now time to get over with #Virushka & checkout some more of other celebrities as well! 🙂

Royal Princess Kareena

royal princess kareena

First to appear who is the Queen Bee of Bollywood is definitely Bebo! I think she is aging backwards & seems motherhood really gave her the charm & poise which was not that evident in her persona! Its really electrifying to see Kareena look so much “Out Of This World” that too without doing much! This particular looks at the Lux Golden Awards was a perfect Disney princess attire! You can see yourself wearing such a dress at your sister’s engagement or your lovey-dovey pre-wedding photo shoot! 🙂

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Divya’s Winter Tales

winter tales Divya

This look of Divya Khosla was everything we need to copy while going out for Christmas & New Year Celebration. I particularly cannot get over the thigh-high boots and have been since then searching where I can get hold of something similar which I can carry! 😉

Hina Khan’s Floral Number

hina khan floral number

This was one great dress she wore on the show Big Boss & I really loved the overall styling she did! Sleek hair, earrings on point and the dress is to die for! Cute & trendy is what is apt for this stylish look of hers!

Anushka’s Engagement Saree

anushka engagement look

It is strange that she wore so many elaborate outfits for each function in her movies and chose to look breathtakingly simple, graceful at her own wedding that you cannot pin point if she looked more beautiful in the movie or the real! The velvet saree was everything vintage, dramatic & definitely a trend-setter for the would-be brides in the New Year! 🙂

Kangana’s Floral Dream

kangana dreamy saree

Kangana is well aware of her ability to make everything look so charming without fail! She wore a dreamy floral translucent saree & boy it did give a lot of inspiration to all the saree lovers! Now get ready to see similar floral dreams on most of the girls when you are out for a party or a wedding!

Sonam’s Larger Than Life Look

's princess gown

A Diva is what she looked in this golden number and you cannot resist admiring such a beautiful look which she totally rocked it with her amazing stance & elegance! She is chirpy & flattering which is surely something you can admire for a long time!

Katrina’s Monotone Style

katrina monotone look

If anyone who can rock a simple rugged look as effortlessly as an elaborate evening gown, it is none other than Katrina. And this look just proves it that you do not need more than one color to look this chic! Just pair a simple set of top & skirt and she will end up looking so so gorgeous! This monotone look for her movie promotions is definitely something you can happily copy without burning your damn pocket! 🙂

Hope you too loved these stylish look while scrolling all your Instagram feeds! Tell me which one is your favorite!


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