7 Surprising Ways to Use a Primer



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Makeup primers posses the multi-purpose characteristics to rescue dull and rough skin instantly. Since there are a variety of primers available in the market, which combine the benefits of a moisturizer, illuminator or a great base of makeup, which saves both time and money and prevents skin from any breakouts. Here, I have listed some interesting ways of using primer. Please, keep on scrolling.
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Long lasting makeup 

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Six months ago, I have started using primer in my makeup routine and oh boy! All the troublesome cake-y finish and uneven or flaky skin don’t exist anymore and It prevents makeup from creasing and your makeup stays on place whole day long.


Key of sharp eyeliner

the balm primer

I know the struggle of making sharp winged liner and it takes hell a lot of time if you are not at all pro. It often budges from the outer and inner corners 🙁 Well, the primer is pretty enough to fix this issue just apply it before putting eyeliner or fix the edges with this and you are all set to rock for a whole day without any worries.


Fuller and Even lips



Fuller and even toned lips are very much in vogue. They reflect boldness of your personality and look really appealing. If you are someone who has pigmented and dry lips, then apply primer before putting any lipstick and it’ll make it worth.


Reduces Imperfections


Are you someone who is tired of hiding redness, open pores and other imperfections? Well, this is totally my story and I am telling you Primer is a god sent product to rescue all these Giant problems in just one go! Get your hands on, the one suits best for your skin tone.


Rescue the Oily feel

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Oily sheen is the biggest enemy of makeup, Just like sweat. It accentuates all the imperfections and makes your stunning makeup like a mess. You can avoid oily sheen by using a primer underneath your makeup and get shine free look for whole day long.


Say Yes to instant brightening


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Winters make skin dull and lack of glow, right? All you need to add some illuminating primer into your regime. It acts as a brightening agent that gives the faux glow instantly. You can even mix it your makeup to add extra glow for those bad skin days.


Tam down your frizz 

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One of the biggest fear of bad hair day is ‘Frizz’. We try a lot of hair sprays and serums to fix the frizzy hair, but sometimes they can’t help it.

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All you need to do is, take a dollop sized amount of primer and rub it in between your palm and apply it evenly onto your hair and

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voila! You are all set till next head wash 🙂






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