7 Times Kate Middleton Gave Hairstyle Goals To Achieve


7 Times Kate Middleton Gave Hairstyle Goals To Achieve

The princess of Britain, Kate Middleton is known more for her sartorial choices and hairstyles. She is very pretty and her shining hair adds more beauty to her looks.

kate hairstyle

Her hairdos become talking point every time she steps out. I am sure that you also love her style so here are some of her most famous looks which will set new hair goals for you to achieve-

Bombshell Blowout

perfect blowout hair

This has been Kate’s signature hairdo since forever. She is mostly seen in perfectly blow-dried hair that we mere mortals can only dream about. Not even a single strand is out of place. Being a princess has its perks!

Sleek Buns

sleek bun

When you have perfect features, you can pull all your hair back and still look gorgeous. Kate Middleton loves bun-hairstyles as well. Her buns are not your simple ones, she wears super-stylish ones that are sleek and shiny but never boring.

Intricate Buns

intricate up do

If you like fringe then again the beautiful princess can be your inspiration. Her buns are bang on point when it comes to framing her face. The volume on crown area makes her look prettier.

Half Up

half up hair style

Her half up-half down hairstyles are also very beautiful. The hair gathered in the little ponytail is always done in a new way. Sometimes they are twisted while at others, you can see criss-cross styles. The soft waves are a major plus.

Beautiful Accessories

hair accessories

When Kate Middleton decides to look like a royal in every way, she adorns her hair with a variety of accessories. She likes tiaras and many times we see her in designer hats too. Her hats always become the love of fashion world and you can definitely sport hats the Kate way, on your next outing.

Kate Middleton’s New Look

kate new hair cut

The British princess got her hair shortened recently. Her new hair came with a fringe that looks a little grown out. Even though the public opinion is divided about this look, I would say that this common look is within reach of common girls. Now you don’t have to shy away from sporting your gringe 😀

Which one of these dis give you serious envy?

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