7 Times When Bhai Felt He Is Raped


7 times when Bhai felt he is raped.

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I know some of you may actually not like me talking here but I am back to use my freedom of speech and expression in the rightful way. I actually have maintained my disliking for Salman Khan since his verdict on run over case came out. I gave up on his movies when his verdict was finally out. I discussed about it a lot on Facebook and many of you were angry with me for speaking against such an innocent soul 😀

Considering Bhai has no idea how sensitive the word rape is. I am sure he must have felt raped in below circumstances for sure.

The number of times when Bhai felt he is raped

  1. Indian judicial system who made bhai go through so many trials just because he killed  just one black buck. – Wow! This surely was a rape, isn’t it? I mean how an animal can be so important that a superstar has to be harassed and called for trials for so many years at a stretch. It disturbed his career, shooting schedules and what not.


  1. Bhai had felt raped when he had beaten Aishwarya for not listening to her- Well this surely was a rape of manhood! I mean how Aishwarya could do this to him. I mean she could refuse the BHAAI and not listen to him. He has all the right to beat an actress, a woman and most of all a person whom he claimed to have loved.


  1. Bhai must have felt raped when Vivekoberoi came out in open and held a conference – Bhai was so shocked that he raped poor VivekOberoi’s career itself.

actor +Salman-Body

  1. Bhait felt raped when Singer Arijit Singh did not appreciate him on the stage –If the papparazi is to be believed, he took revenge by throwing him off from his movie song. I am not too sure whose loss it actually is as I feel Arijit Singh’s voice is definitely soulful and nice.

The bhai+salman khan

  1. Bhai felt raped when he was blamed for killing innocent people sleeping on the foot path – After all he was at the back seat.Not sure what was the truth here but who lost their lives actually should be complaining.

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  1. Bhai felt raped when Karan Johar felt he is not virgin although he know he is – was there a reaction like that required?SALMAN KHAN REVIEW

  1. Bhai now must be feeling raped because of whole of the internet digging out his past.

salman khan the sexiest actor

Dear Salman khan,

Do you have any idea about rape? Your statement clearly shows how easy you think about the word but I am not too sure if you have the slightest of idea about what rape is and how women across the world feel when it actually happens. The pain, the wrath is all not even possible for any male to imagine or empathize with. It actually kills the soul and hampers the body. The society by and large boycotts the woman instead of boycotting the rapist. There is no escape for a woman from this. Plus what you compared to was something you agreed to do. The shoot was something you signed a contract for, you knew it was rigorous and would involve a lot of hard work. But when a woman is raped, she is not even aware of it beforehand, it is a sudden shock that comes and stays for a lifetime with her. She does not sign any contract or is mentally prepared for it.

Removing your shirt for your shoots is something you do on your will but if a female’s clothes are removed that too without her permission, it hurts and it really is a humiliation of the worst sort.

So, please kindly refrain from using the words which are only in your vocabulary but nowhere in your experience or usage. It hurts a lot of sentiments and the maximum number of people who love you today are women and these kinds of comments actually hurt women a lot.



  1. Very well wrioten Anamika.. Agree with what you said..
    He is probably is the biggest hypocrite in the scene..and ohh..a misogynist.. He reflects the (sub) culture where rape jokes are apparently ‘cool’. His statement just made my blood boil..

  2. I love what you wrote. A 50 yr old man who still needs his father to apologize for his words and actions is a woe for everyone!


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