7 Tinted Lip Balms For Dark Lips


7 Tinted Lip Balms For Dark Lips

Lip balms are loved by every girl and they are needed to keep the lips soft. You get both colourless and tinted lip balms. Tinted lip balms are superb as they are 2 in 1. But the problem is that most tinted lip balms are so light that the colour doesn’t show up on pigmented lip.

There are some tinted lip balms that have better pigmentation and give a flush of colours to pigmented lips as well. Though these may not cover every bit of pigmentation, they are good enough for some tinted shine. Here are some good lip balms for dark lips-

Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

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Though this lip balm is available in many variants, the most pigmented ones are Cherry and Strawberry. The texture of this lip balm is awesome! It glides on smoothly and doesn’t require any effort.  It gives a lovely reddish tint to the lips and looks superb! It brightens up my face instantly!!! Though the shimmer is visible in the bullet, it goes totally unnoticed after application. It gives a nice decent tint to the lips that is build-able. It stays for 2-3 hours but lips stay moisturised for long. It has SPF 10.

The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm

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This lip balm is more suitable for lips that have mild pigmentation. It comes in many variants and you can try strawberry, raspberry, watermelon etc. TBS Raspberry lip balm has a light tinted color in it. It makes the lips look glossy and shiny. It makes the texture of lips smooth and hydrated. It does not make lips sticky or waxy.

Maybelline Baby Lips Color Lip Balms

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So many colours all available in them. Try from Berry Crush, Rose Addict and Cherry Kiss. his color is just plain without shimmers. It lasts long on lips. This lip balm makes lips soft and is one of the most sought after lip balms. Maybelline baby lips lip balms have an SPF value of 15.

NYX Color Lip Balm 


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NYX color lip balm in shade Xie Xie is a pink shade and Spasibo  is a nude- peachy shade. It covers lip pigmentation to some extent. The texture is creamy and gives nice color to the lips and it hydrates the lips for more than 3hrs without drying. This lip balm gives more of a matte finish than glossy finish. There are 12 shades to choose ranging from nude shade to pink and orange shades.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tinted Lip Balm

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This lip balm gives a lovely red tint to lips. The presence of cocoa butter makes it even more desirable. Your lips will stay soft and supple with the use of this lip balm.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm

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These lip balms come in bright neon shades. They are quite pigmented and you have 6 colours to choose from. These lip balms are really hydrating as well. If you love neon shine on lips then these lip balms are definitely must haves.

Himalaya Herbals Strawberry Shine Lip Balm

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This is a new product from Himalaya. It is very pigmented and gives a beautiful red tint to lips. It is buttery and glides on lips. The lip balm is not heavy and keeps lips soft for a long time.

Have you tried any of thes lip balms for dark lips?

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    • Hi Azmat,
      Can you tell me if your lips are dark from birth or you acquired dark lips by smoking, sunburns, etc. If you have dark lips naturally or genetically, you cannot lighten them. But, if you have turned your lips dark, you can brighten them.

      Just avoid the things that have caused your lips black. Besides, you can use some home remedies like lemon juice and honey. Mix one teaspoon of honey with 3 drops of lemon juice. Massage your lips with this solution for one minute. Then rinse off your lips and use a lip balm.

      Lemon juice will get rid of dark color and honey will hydrate the lip skin. Follow this treatment once a week.


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