7 Tips for balancing Excess Salt in Dishes


By Prerana Sharma,  Tips for low salt diet

low sodium diet

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Food is the way to one’s heart. Where tasty food gives heavenly pleasure, excess salt is very depressing, it suppress the aroma of all other masalas. Mistakes are done by human beings only! But putting excess salt in gravies accidentally is a common mistake done by women across the country. Even my mom who is experienced in cooking for more than 25years, she too sometimes end up putting excess salt in gravies. So how to balance out excess salt?

Follow these simple and easy tips which my mom taught me:-:)

1. Potatoes ( osmosis effect)

Wash, peel and cut a potato into medium cubes and put it in your gravy. Let the potato stay in your gravy for a good 20 min. The potato will act as a membrane of osmosis and pull salt from high concentration to low concentration until it equalizes. Taste the dish and while serving, throw away the potato pieces.

2. Vinegar + sugar

low salt diet

To balance out excess salt put a little (1/3 tsp ) white vinegar and half tsp sugar to your gravy.

Heat for 2min, taste and serve. This won’t spoil the taste of gravy nor make it sweet, so don’t worry.

3. Kneaded dough

This will also act as a sponge like potato and pull all the excess salt. While serving take out the dough and throw it away.

4. Fresh Cream

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If one of the ingredients in your dish is cream, then make your dish creamier by adding a little more cream to neutralize the salt. (add little cream at a time and taste it before serving).

5. Chick-pea recipe

low salt foods

Chana masala is one of my favorite dish. If you have added more salt by mistake in your Chick-Pea dish then again boil ½ cup of white chich-pea (chanas) without salt and add it to your dish.

6.Fried Potatoes

If your dish has potato as one of the ingredient, then u can deep fry some more pieces of potatoes and add to your gravy with slit green chilies and a tomato..

7. Cooking up again

Personally I just avoid this tip because I don’t have much of time! But if you have time you can surely do it. This is the best and most reliable option to balance out excess salt. Cook a small quantity of the same dish in saltless version and add it to your dish (excess salted version), and alls balanced out….

Do you follow any tips to reduce excess salt from dishes ?

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