7 Tips For Healthy Nails


7 Tips For Healthy Nails


Hey everyone,

Who doesn’t want long, beautiful nails? Nails can make or break an outfit, and they reflect our overall health and hygiene. So no one can deny that proper nail care is essential nowadays. When I got a request from a WiseShe reader to do a post on my nails, I wasn’t sure about what exactly that entailed. But I decided to write up a post on tips and tricks that I swear by. Follow these and you’ll have healthy, beautiful nails within a couple of months.


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Apply nail polish:

I always keep nail polish on so that I don’t bite my nails and ruin my manicure. Having nail polish on your nails also makes them stronger, although only temporarily. It adds a shield of protection to your natural nail, thus preventing splitting and peeling.


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File your nails with nail polish on:

What I do is, I file my nails right before I change my manicure, while the older nail paint is still on. The logic behind this is similar to the previous tip. Because of the extra coats of polish, there’s a reduced possibility of your nails being damaged while you’re filing them.

Use a crystal/glass nail file:

The grits on crystal and glass nail file are extremely fine, resulting in smooth-edged nails. This will reduce the possibility of them breaking. Stay far, far away from emery boards. Metal nail files and emery boards are too harsh on your nails and will cause them to crack and chip. Another advantage of crystal and glass nail files is that they are durable and permanently etched, which means you won’t need to frequently replace them like emery boards.

Once you start using crystal/glass nail files, you’ll never go back to using anything else. I’ve misplaced mine and I’ve been desperately trying to find one in India.


nail and cuticle care


File in one direction:

Always file in one direction, using long strokes with a light hand. This takes time, but it’s worth the effort. Going back and forth while filing can cause splitting and peeling.  I have to admit, I often ignore this tip and just file to and fro because I’m just too impatient. But when I do practice this, I notice a difference.

Take care of cuticles:

Keeping your cuticles healthy is essential to growing stronger nails.  Do not cut your cuticles. Simply push them back with a wooden cuticle pushing stick after soaking your fingers in warm water.

After this, use cuticle oil and massage your cuticles and nails for a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil. Before going to bed, rub cuticle oil or lip balm into your cuticles.


tips for strong nails


Stop biting your nails:

I was a nail biter till a few years ago. And I was finding it extremely difficult to stop as the ‘use bitter tasting nail polish’ tip wasn’t working for me. Someone then suggested that I carry bubblegum around with me and whenever I felt the urge to bite my nails, I would pop a tiny piece of gum into my mouth. You can’t bite your nails if you are already chewing on the bubblegum.

Stay away from acrylic or gel nails:

I used fake nails for a couple of years and I deeply regret that. When I finally stopped using them, it took me another year to undo the damage my natural nails had suffered. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t resort to fake nails. It’ll make your naturals nails weak, brittle, crooked, peeling, thin and everything bad you can think of.

So these are the tips for healthy nails that I use.

If you have any to add, do leave them in the comments below!

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    • If you manage to find one, do let us know where you bought it from. I think I’ll just have to order one from the US again. Booo international shipping charges 🙁

  1. Rhea, wonderful article. I so agree on the Acrylic nails point. I had them for a while and I can so relate to the issues you pointed out. The shape of the nails also has changed. My nails are now curved at the tips- upwardly (like those jodhpuri jutties if you get my drift) and I don’t think there’s any going back! I love your nails… miss my old nails. :'(

    • I know what you’re talking about. I have the same issue. If you look carefully in the photos, you’ll noticed my nails are curved in the same way (especially the middle and little finger). The curve becomes very prominent if my nails grow out, so I feel them relatively short and filed down. I wish someone had warned me about this when I started using fake nails :/

  2. u have got b’ful nails and a good choice of nail paint. i have done anything special for my nails. may be my ‘good habits’ is helping me. btw i want to buy this glass nail file.
    p.s. did i said ur ring is looking b’ful

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