7 Tips To Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair


By Dr. Ankita

Can you guess what can be a worst nightmare for a woman?

*You find your bathroom filled with hair.

*You find tons of hair sticking to your comb .

and you start thinking that you might go bald. :pain: :pain:

Generally  the first  step which will be taken by most of us will be  changing  the shampoo.

There are many of us who do that thinking that shampoo plays a big role in our hair loss but unfortunately shampoo plays a minor role. 😐 .

7 tips to choose right shampoos for your hair

Shampoo never helps in restoring or changing the texture of our hair and neither do they help in nourishing  hair.Shampoo which claims to nourish  our hair contains nourishing ingredients which remains on the surface of your hair for some period of time.

There are some simple ways of choosing the right kind of shampoos for your hair

What exactly is shampoo –

Shampoo is a simple solution which is used to clean the outer layer of the hair.There are shampoos which even go to the root level of the hair and clean it inside out but no matter what company claims but shampoos do not provide food for the hair.

Few tips  while choosing a good shampoo are :-

1. Try to know your hair and how they react in different environment and temperature.This helps in choosing the right shampoo for the hair.One can also take the help of a professional dermatologist in identifying your hair or in choosing the right shampoo.

2. For oily hair mild shampoos should be used depending upon how oily one hairs get.Regular use of shampoos cleans the hair of dirt.

3.Normal hairs generally suffer from scalp and itching issues therefore a shampoo with a mild detergent keeps the moisture level of hair undamaged .

4. For dry hair choose a shampoo which doesn’t have detergents.Choosing a shampoo which keeps the moisture level of the hair high without much of reactions  works fine for dry hair.

5.For curly hair moisturizing shampoo works best and for kinky kind of hair protein shampoo.

6.If you are using protein based shampoo then reading the label of the shampoos is always advisable.Protein should be the first ingredients mentioned in the shampoo and next one is  shea butter and glycerin.

7.If your hair are dyed or colored then used shampoo which are color safe.

Do you know any other tips which helps in finding the right shampoo?

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  1. Nice tips.
    I have given up shampoos 😀 I stick to basics now, dont use much chemicals on my hair, just oil it very well and use shikakai soap. I was apprehensive abt using it at first, but the results were very good, my scalp is cleaner, less hairfall and hair looks smooth and conditioned 🙂

  2. i have ver dry and frizzy hair 🙁 n i use pantene hair fall control shampoo for my hairfall n its good as it has reduced my hairfall problems… but i dnt knw wat to do for my bad hair…plz give me some homemade remedies to sort the problem of my hair!!!

  3. I have seen some of the finest shampoos come from Segals Solutions. They have a wide range and each is free from SLS. All serve specific purpose and are different according to hair/scalp type.

  4. Two years back my hair is very good black colour, smooth, very thick and shiny. But slowly it was thin full and changing colour too and also it was very frizzy why I don’t know plz suggest me a good hair oil and shampoo and also give me tips how I can gain my hair back..


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